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WiiWare Wednesday: World of Goo’s Reported Game-Play Hours

August 10, 2011

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     World of Goo was released on October 13, 2008 for the WiiWare service, with a price point of 1,500 Wii Points, which is $15.  The game was developed and published by 2D Boy, and received an “Everyone” rating from the ESRB with “Comic Mischief” listed as the only content for gamers/parents to be aware of.

     How many hours have Wii owners spent in the “World of Goo” with 1,029 days of game-play reported?  Let’s take a look!

Hours shown are for United States of America Wii owners
that report game-play data via the Nintendo Channel,
and not for all Wii owners that have played the game.

Approx. Number of Players Having Reported Data
     World of Goo has about 103,985 Wii owners that have reported data through the Wii’s Nintendo Channel in the United States since it released.

Average & Total Game-Play Hours
     World of Goo has 1,143,596 Total Hours of game-play reported with an average play-time of 11 Hours 0 Minutes “Per person” reporting data.
     The game has an average play-time of 1 Hour 11 Minutes per session played.

Sales Information
     World of Goo is not currently listed in the WiiWare’s “Popular Titles” section, which lists the current “Top 20” popular WiiWare games, as of checking around 5:30PM on August 10, 2011.
     World of Goo’s United States release has made 2D Boy about $1,559,775 in almost the last 3 years since the game released, before taxes and profit sharing with Nintendo.  The amount earned is based on the approximate number of players(103,985) that have reported data and the game’s $15 price point, so the earnings reported here are not reflective of all digital copies downloaded.

Review Score Average
     World of Goo received much critical acclaim when it released, and it has a “professional” review score average of 94.00% based on 22 reviews on

Filtered Thoughts
     I have played the WiiWare demo for World of Goo, but not the full version of the game.  I thought the demo did a good job showing what players can expect from the game, though I can imagine how some of the levels further in the game might get crazy.  If you have not seen anything about World of Goo, below is a trailer that shows off a bit about the game:

     I think the reported game-play data for World of Goo is impressive for a WiiWare title, especially when considering it has been released on other platforms, and as of checking Steam just now it can be downloaded through that service for just $9.99, instead of the $15 WiiWare price.
     Also, seeing the game with more than 10 Hours averaged “Per person” reporting data I think is extremely well for a digital game, and I think shows the game has a lot of game-play value, perhaps even more than a lot of $50-60 retail games that are released now.

     If any of you played the full version of World of Goo, would you recommend it to other gamers, and which version did you play?
     Also, do any of you think the game was perhaps under-priced with the amount of game-play it apparently offers?

If any of you are interested in World of Goo on the WiiWare service you can a Nintendo Points card on linked below: