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September 2010 – PS3 Slim & PS3 Move Bundle Console Sales Ranks

October 7, 2010

Brewed Info:
     The chart is not designed to replace, or even predict, NPD numbers for September, but is designed to be a visual aid and hopefully a good supplement to give us an idea of what the sales breakdown may be within the PS3 console Skus.
     Remember when looking at the chart, the higher the line is on the chart, the better the sales ranks were for the consoles.

Click chart to enlarge

Coffee Beans(what makes up the chart):
     The chart above shows the sales ranks for the 160GB PS3 priced at $299.99, and the 320GB PS3 Move bundle priced at $399.99, during the month of September.  The sales ranks were recorded on with the dates and times recorded, when each sales rank was captured, on 17 different days in September.
     The sales ranks were captured between September 3 and September 29, 2010.  The highlighted days on the chart, from September 18 through September 29, are days that reflect when the 320GB PS3 Move bundle was actually available for purchase, not just “pre-order”.

Highs & Lows:
     The highest recorded sale rank for the 160GB PS3 was #12, on September 3 around 11:45PM.
     The lowest recorded sale rank for the 160GB PS3 was #25, on September 29 around 4:55PM.

     The highest recorded sale rank for the 320GB PS3 Move bundle was #19, on September 18 around 11:00PM.
     The lowest recorded sale rank for the 320GB PS3 Move bundle was #102, on September 3 around 11:45PM.

     September 2010 was an interesting month for consoles.  Sony released the new Sony 320GB PS3 Move bundle for $399.99, on September 17, and Microsoft had three consoles available for purchase in September: the Xbox 360 4GB, Xbox 360 250GB, and the 250GB Halo: Reach bundle(available on September 14).
     While we don’t know the official NPD numbers for September yet, I think it will be interesting to see if they give an estimate for how the Sony Move bundle for $99.99, and the console bundle, sold during September.

     Have any of you played with the PS3 Move controller and Navigation controller?  If so, what do you think of it from what you have played?  If you haven’t played it, is the Move something you are interested in picking up for your PS3?
     I am interested in the controllers, just to see how well they perform in FPS games on the PS3.  I was in Best Buy earlier this week, and saw they had the PS3 Move on display.  I couldn’t figure out how to navigate the PS3 menu using just the Move controller, so I was stuck with watching a demo video; not actually playing any demo.

You can see prices for the 160GB and 320GB PS3s on linked below: