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Coffee Bean Counting: Which Wii U digital title(s) are you interested in?

October 13, 2012

Coffee Beans
Another Coffee Bean Counting poll was posted last week, and has now closed. While Nintendo has shown and detailed many of the Wii U’s retail games, and we know the MSRPs on most of them, there isn’t a lot of information on the Wii U’s digital titles. We don’t know specific release dates for any of them yet, though some developers have said launch day is what they’re trying for; and more importantly (to me anyway) we don’t know the prices of the Wii U’s digital titles yet.

Hopefully, Nintendo will be answering here soon exactly what digital titles will be available to purchase when the Wii U launches on November 18th here in the U.S., and what prices new Wii U owners can expect to pay for the games. Knowing what the Wii U digital titles will cost me, will probably effect my buying decisions with other Wii U accessories, and even other Wii U retail games.

So, which Wii U digital game had the most votes in the poll that started last week, and which titles did I select? Brew yourself some coffee, and take a look!

The Brew
The poll ran from Wednesday, October 3, 2012 through Wednesday, October 10, 2012. The poll question and available answers to select from can be seen below (also in the main Wii U GamePad image above).

Which Wii U digital title(s) are you interested in?
Little Inferno                                                  15.79%  (6 votes)
Mutant Mudds                                                  7.89%  (3 votes)
Nano Assault Neo                                          15.79%  (6 votes)
Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien          13.16%  (5 votes)
Toki Tori 2                                                     13.16%  (5 votes)
Trine 2: Director’s Cut                                   34.21%  (13 votes)

How about some awesome charts? Well, PollDaddy even provided charts for the results, so I don’t have to plug the results into any spreadsheet program. You can see them below:

Caffeinated Thoughts
I was surprised by the results. I had never heard of Trine 2 that I can recall, until I saw it at E3 this year. I wasn’t sure how popular the Trine games were, so I wasn’t expecting it to place first in the poll. What Wii U digital game(s) were on my short list of placing first?

I thought Little Inferno, Mutant Mudds, or Runner2 would get the most votes. The reason I thought this is because Little Inferno is being developed by Tomorrow Corporation, which consists of the guys behind World of Goo. I thought Mutant Mudds would be higher due to Renegade Kid’s solid support of the Nintendo DS and 3DS, and the fact that Mutant Mudds is a solid, if challenging, platforming title. As for Runner2, it is being developed as a sequel to BIT.TRIP RUNNER and by the same team, so I thought perhaps it might get more votes as well.

So, I was basically thinking that games from developers that have a history of working with Nintendo were going to do well. Again, I just didn’t expect the one game I hadn’t heard of before E3, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, from a developer I didn’t  really know, Frozenbyte, to do so well; but that’s not a bad thing!

As for which Wii U digital titles I voted for, I selected all of them. Yes, you could do that! It was an honest vote though, as I really think the Wii U digital titles we know about right now, all seem to provide something different from the others (at least from what I can tell), which I think is awesome.

Which Wii U digital title(s) are you interested in?

Are there any Wii U digital titles that have been announced, that perhaps I didn’t include in the poll, that you are really interested in?