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Wii U update(s). Five things to be fixed, or improved, but not yet mentioned by Nintendo.

April 17, 2013

Coffee Beans
Nintendo is set to release the first big Wii U system update next week, with a second big system update planned for the summer.

What will this first Wii U system update fix? Well, Nintendo released a video in March showing the update should improve loading times when exiting from Wii U games to the system’s main menu.

Other than improving Wii U loading times though, Mr. Iwata just addressed some other features that the Wii U’s “Spring System Update” will address when it releases next week. In a Nintendo Direct this morning (April 17th), these are some of the features said to be addressed with the update:
1) Adds ability to copy/move data between two USB HDDs.
2) Download and install software in the background, while playing games.
3) Download and install updates, even when the system is off.
4) Software updates can automatically start downloading, without having to start the game.
5) Holding the B button when turning the system on, will jump you straight to the Wii U’s Wii Mode channel.

Also, Mr. Iwata said the Wii U’s Virtual Console service will become available next week, the day after the system update. (I’m guessing next Thursday, April 18th for the Virtual Console, April 17th for the system update?)

While these five updates are nice, what are some things that I think should be patched to make the Wii U a better system overall? What are (at least) five things that Nintendo hasn’t mentioned the Wii U patch(es) will address, that I think could/should be? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look!

My Trine 2 Wii U data, so far…

The Brew
1) Sharing “Daily Log” Data – I could tell you that my Trine 2 “Play Time” is 49:20, and that I have “played” it 64 times. Or, I could show you my Trine 2 Wii U data like the image above. Nintendo doesn’t like the Nintendo Channel (and, several other Wii Channels they’re getting rid of), but does that mean I shouldn’t be able to post my recorded Wii U game-play data to Miiverse? Apparently, yes. While the Wii U tracks how many hours and times you play a game (or, use a particular application) in the Daily Log channel, you can’t post that information to Miiverse using the sytem’s photo capture option like some games offer. While I doubt Nintendo will introduce a Wii U Nintendo Channel like the Wii has (or, soon to be had), I think it would be nice if Wii U owners could post Daily Log images to Miiverse. It would allow Wii U owners to share their most played/used games and apps during a month, and if a game doesn’t provide the number of hours played on the save file, it could be a good way to get an idea of the average hours played for a game.

Possessive. Not descriptive.

2) Freezing – Winter is over, but my Wii U console is still freezing. Sure, it’s only occasionally, but even as I typed this, it was sitting frozen. I hopped on Assassin’s Creed III Monday morning to get my save file stats, and posted them to Miiverse. Upon attempting to exit Miiverse, my Wii U system froze, again. The Wii U system freezing up would not be such a big issue to me, IF the system functioned as it’s supposed to function when it freezes. It doesn’t though. Still having to unplug my Wii U console when it freezes is annoying (and slightly concerning), when I should be able to simply hold the “Power” button for a few seconds to fix the freezing problem instead. Mr. Iwata did not mention the Wii U freezing issue in the Nintendo Direct a few months back when he mentioned Nintendo was working on improving the loading speeds and he didn’t mention it in today’s Nintendo Direct, so I’m a little concerned that this issue might not be able to be patched. I really hope I’m wrong, for a number of reasons, but I just find it odd that Nintendo would wait until this patch (or the summer one) to make the Wii U function as it should have when it released.

Room for keyboard shortcuts?

3) Copy/paste/keyboard options – The 100 character limit posts in Miiverse might be tough to use sometimes when trying to answer a question, or post up some thoughts on a game. One thing that would make this limit not so bad though, would be a simple copy/paste option for text. Let’s say you type out your full Miiverse message, and the text gets grayed out that is over the 100 character limit, but you have an option to “copy” some of it. You would simply copy the text over the limit, and post a new comment pasting the additional text to it. I’m surprised the copy/paste option wasn’t in the Wii U’s original Miiverse OS, because it is an option in the Wii U’s Internet Browser. Speaking of the Wii U’s Internet Browser, a GamePad keyboard update that would be an improvement I think, would be adding a “.com” button to the Internet Browser keyboard. Sure, it’s only a few extra taps on the GamePad, but I think little things like a “.com” button, and perhaps some other keyboard shortcuts, would be appreciated.

Nintendo needs to copy/paste the Copy/Paste Browser buttons to Miiverse.

4) The “Energizer” disc drive – I mentioned back in November, in my “Caffeinated Thoughts on the Wii U” post, the freezing issue and the disc drive issue. The disc drive issue, like the freezing issue, still has not been addressed. If you don’t know, the Wii U’s disc drive is constantly is reading/spinning the game disc when one is in the system. It doesn’t matter if you are just using the Wii U for Netflix, Amazon Video, or any other non-game application, if there is a game in the Wii U’s disc drive, it is spinning. It’s like the Wii U’s disc drive is an Energizer Bunny of sorts, in that it just keeps going and going, or spinning and spinning in this situation. I know some Wii owners had disc drive issues, and I received my PlayStation 3 from a friend because the disc drive had stopped working. I really hope that Nintendo updates the Wii U so the disc drive is not constantly reading/spinning the disc, when non-game Wii U applications are being used such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, or even the Internet Browser. The Wii’s disc drive does not constantly spin if a disc is in the system and Netflix or another non-gaming Wii Channel is being used, so I would imagine Nintendo can patch the Wii U for fix the issue.

Give yourself these Wii U eShop games, as “gifts”!

5) Gifting Wii U eShop games – Did you know you could give Virtual Console and WiiWare games to other Wii owners as “gifts”? Did you know that you cannot give Wii U eShop games to other Wii U owners as gifts? I think it’s odd that Nintendo didn’t include the gifting option right from the beginning. I hope they make “gifting” Wii U eShop titles a new feature, as I do like to give things away from time-to-time on the site, and I can think of a few eShop titles that would be at the top of that list right now: Toki Tori 2 and Trine 2.

Gift options shown for WiiWare games. One already owned, one not.

Are there any other Wii U system improvements you would like to see Nintendo address with the first big system update next week, or perhaps in the update planned for the summer?

If you’re into programming, is there any reason Nintendo can’t address the Wii U’s hard reset option (holding the Power button for a few seconds to turn the system off), with a system patch? Like I mentioned above, I just find it odd that has not already been patched.

Black Ops 2 Wii U patch available.

January 30, 2013
Black Ops 2’s main multiplayer screen.

Coffee Beans
Treyarch had a history of supporting their Call of Duty titles on the Nintendo Wii post launch with patches aimed at fixing certain issues, or just making general improvements. Treyarch’s newest Call of Duty title, Black Ops 2, did not release for the Wii, but it did release for the Wii U.

Do you own a Wii U and a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? If so, there is now a new patch for the game that is available. The video below provides a few details:

The Brew
If you didn’t/can’t watch the video, here are a few bullet points on the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 patch for the Wii U:

  • The patch starts downloading immediately upon trying to launch the game.
  • The patch took (me) less than 10 minutes to download and install.
  • The patch now allows the Wii U GamePad Home button to be pressed while online between matches, or just looking at statistics not during a match.
  • Pressing the Home button will allow you to capture the image on the TV (and GamePad) for posting to Miiverse.
  • Pressing the Home button will back you out of the online server to the main Black Ops 2 multiplayer screen (see: main image above), so if you’re in a party with friends you may want to wait.
  • Treyarch has acknowledged there are “some issues with the version of the patch”, but they are working with Nintendo and have stated they are hoping an update might be provided tomorrow.
My Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 combat record.
Caffeinated Thoughts
I have only played a few matches today since the patch released, and I didn’t experience any issues that I was aware of post-patch. The ability to hit the GamePad’s Home button is a great addition, and I’m really glad to see Treyarch get that worked into this latest patch.
Like I mentioned in the video above, if you have a Wii U and Black Ops 2 or if you’re just looking for additional Wii U friends, feel free free to add my Nintendo Network ID to your Wii U friend list, which is Coffees!
Have any of you been playing Black Ops 2 on the Wii U, if so, have you enjoyed the online multiplayer? Also, are there any particular issues you have experienced since this patch was released that might need to be addressed with another one?
You can purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the Wii U from below:

Modern Warfare 3 Wii Patched, Again! Patch Size & Details

December 1, 2011
Not the patch you were expecting?

Coffee Beans
     Modern Warfare 3 has been out less than a month, and Infinity Ward/Treyarch have been busy trying to make sure the game is running well for all console owners. Last week I posted how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had been patched on the Wii, and the first patch addressed two major issues players were experiencing: corrupt save files and lag shooting.

     Well, Activision/Infinity Ward/Treyarch just released another patch for Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii.  How big is the patch, and exactly what “major fixes” does this Wii patch address? Take a look!

Patch size.
Major fixes

The Brew
     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s latest Wii patch only requires 6 blocks of room, now making the required space for the two Modern Warfare 3 Wii patches 46 total blocks.
     This patch addresses four main/major problems, with the “Major Fixes” being:

  • “MP – Major optimization work to improve host frame-rate issues (“host-lag”)”
  • “Spec Ops – Major optimization improvement to help with reports of spec ops ‘rubberbanding/lag'”
  • “Session Host Migration Fixes”
  • “Added ‘Add Friend’ option in the multiplayer shell when selecting a player’s playercard”
     Overall, with the “Major Fixes” and the “Other Fixes” this MW3 Wii patch is supposed to address/fix 25 issues with the game’s online multiplayer and Spec Ops modes. The “Other Fixes” from this patch can also be seen in the image below:

“Other Fixes”
Caffeinated Thoughts
     I am very encouraged to see Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii getting patched, and not ignored. The fact that Activision is allowing Infinity Ward/Treyach time to work on patches for the Wii version, I think shows great respect to Wii owners that purchased the game. Not only will the game hopefully continue to improve with each patch, but hopefully word-of-mouth will spread that Activision is not ignoring the Wii version, allowing Modern Warfare 3’s Wii online community to grow stronger.
     After I downloaded the patch earlier this evening, I hopped online for one quick match to see if I noticed anything drastically different. I thought it was running a lot smoother than normal (normal with Netflix streaming in another room), and the video below shows off the first few minutes of the match:

     My online friend code for Modern Warfare 3 is 0359-9573-5494. If you add me, feel free to leave your ally code in the comments below, or by emailing it to me at

     Have any of you been playing Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii? If so, have you downloaded both patches for the game, and noticed an improvement in performance?

If you are interested in Modern Warfare 3, you can see prices for the console versions on below:

Modern Warfare 3 Wii Patched – Issues Addressed, Patch Size

November 22, 2011
This guy’s arm is going to need a patch!

Coffee Beans
     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released 2 weeks ago, and as with many new games released these days there have been some bugs reported in the game.

     Some Wii owners were reportedly experiencing a severe online multiplayer bug, where their Wii system would freeze, and the Wii owner would have to erase the Modern Warfare 3 save file and start completely over.  They could be completely leveled up in online, and have no choice but to erase the corrupt file and start over.
     I had played about an hour of online multiplayer when I saw reports from different Wii owners about the freeze/memory lose issue, so I decided to finish the game’s single-player campaign first and hoped that Treyarch/Infinity Ward would get the game patched quickly to address the issue.

     Another issue with the game’s online multiplayer was something called “lag shooting”, and I did experience it, but at the time I wasn’t sure if it was the accuracy of my weapons and/or lag.  Basically the hit detection in the online multiplayer was not working well, and it resulted in emptying full clips of ammo all around enemies, and never knowing if they were being hit.

     Well, last Thurday, November 17 a patch was released for Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii, and the patch was designed to fix the two major issues above with the online multiplayer.  You can see the message to Wii owners that they posted on the Modern Warfare 3 Wii forum below:

     How much room do Wii owners need to have available to download the first multiplayer patch for Modern Warfare 3, and how long did it take me to download the patch?  Take a look!

The Brew

     As the above image shows, Wii owners will need just 40 Blocks of memory to download the MW3 patch.  If you are wondering how long it should take to download, the video below shows what you can expect using a WiFi connection to download it:

Filtered Thoughts
     I am glad to see Treyarch/Infinity Ward actually taking the time to patch the Wii version.  While some Wii owners are experiencing other issues, at least according to the MW3 Wii forums, the first patch seems to have fixed the two huge issues with the online multiplayer.
     As for my time online, I have been sticking with Team Deathmatch matches, and leveling up slowly.  I played last night and over the weekend since the patch, and the hit detection is now very accurate, and I haven’t noticed any considerable lag shooting since the patch.

     Also, I did finish the single-player campaign over the weekend, and will be posting more thoughts on that in the near future.  If any of you own the Wii version, my friend code is 0359-9573-5494.  Leave your friend code in the comments below, or send me an email with it to

     Have any of you been playing Modern Warfare 3?  If so, have you finished the single-player campaign yet, or have you just been playing the online multiplayer?

You can purchase the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii versions from linked below: