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Modern Warfare 3 Wii Patched – Issues Addressed, Patch Size

November 22, 2011
This guy’s arm is going to need a patch!

Coffee Beans
     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released 2 weeks ago, and as with many new games released these days there have been some bugs reported in the game.

     Some Wii owners were reportedly experiencing a severe online multiplayer bug, where their Wii system would freeze, and the Wii owner would have to erase the Modern Warfare 3 save file and start completely over.  They could be completely leveled up in online, and have no choice but to erase the corrupt file and start over.
     I had played about an hour of online multiplayer when I saw reports from different Wii owners about the freeze/memory lose issue, so I decided to finish the game’s single-player campaign first and hoped that Treyarch/Infinity Ward would get the game patched quickly to address the issue.

     Another issue with the game’s online multiplayer was something called “lag shooting”, and I did experience it, but at the time I wasn’t sure if it was the accuracy of my weapons and/or lag.  Basically the hit detection in the online multiplayer was not working well, and it resulted in emptying full clips of ammo all around enemies, and never knowing if they were being hit.

     Well, last Thurday, November 17 a patch was released for Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii, and the patch was designed to fix the two major issues above with the online multiplayer.  You can see the message to Wii owners that they posted on the Modern Warfare 3 Wii forum below:

     How much room do Wii owners need to have available to download the first multiplayer patch for Modern Warfare 3, and how long did it take me to download the patch?  Take a look!

The Brew

     As the above image shows, Wii owners will need just 40 Blocks of memory to download the MW3 patch.  If you are wondering how long it should take to download, the video below shows what you can expect using a WiFi connection to download it:

Filtered Thoughts
     I am glad to see Treyarch/Infinity Ward actually taking the time to patch the Wii version.  While some Wii owners are experiencing other issues, at least according to the MW3 Wii forums, the first patch seems to have fixed the two huge issues with the online multiplayer.
     As for my time online, I have been sticking with Team Deathmatch matches, and leveling up slowly.  I played last night and over the weekend since the patch, and the hit detection is now very accurate, and I haven’t noticed any considerable lag shooting since the patch.

     Also, I did finish the single-player campaign over the weekend, and will be posting more thoughts on that in the near future.  If any of you own the Wii version, my friend code is 0359-9573-5494.  Leave your friend code in the comments below, or send me an email with it to

     Have any of you been playing Modern Warfare 3?  If so, have you finished the single-player campaign yet, or have you just been playing the online multiplayer?

You can purchase the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii versions from linked below: