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I Drank Coffee from a Toilet, and Will Continue!

November 17, 2011

Coffee Beans
     Have you ever heard the phrase, “My coffee tastes like toilet water!“, or something similar?  Well, I drink my coffee black, so some of you may think that phrase applies to my coffee.  It has gone a step further though, and I can now say that I have consumed coffee from a toilet, and I will continue!

     What do I mean that I have consumed coffee from a toilet?  Take a look!

The Brew
     If you saw my post in October titled, “My Birthday Coffee Gift Items – Part I“, well this post would be “Part II”.  Early in October a package arrived on my porch which I assumed was a birthday gift, so I left it unopened until right after midnight on my birthday.
     When I opened up the package it contained the coffee mug you see in the images above, properly titled “Toilet Mug“.  My brother and sister-in-law were the ones that gave me the wonderful gift, and I appreciate it very much!

     The Toilet Mug holds about 12 ounces of coffee which is nice, and makes for fewer trips to the coffee pot.  A description on the Toilet Mug box reads, “Why should dogs be the only ones who get to drink out of the toilet?  Enjoy a nice, hot beverage in this unique mug shaped like everyone’s favorite throne.”  The description ends by saying, “Great for those Monday morning coffee breaks at the office!
     The Toilet Mug takes after a real toilet when it comes to cleaning.  Just as you can’t throw a toilet in a washer for cleaning, the Toilet Mug is not dishwasher safe and it must be scrubbed/washed by hand.

     A big thanks again to my brother and sister-in-law for the gift, and I will continue to drink coffee from a toilet thanks to them!

     Do any of you have an awesomely designed coffee mug that you enjoy using?  If so, feel free sharing an image link to it in the comments below, or just a description of what it is.