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How many hours can you expect from Metroid: Other M? Data Report

September 5, 2012

Coffee Beans
Metroid: Other M was released on August 31, 2010 with a MSRP of $49.99. The game was developed by Team Ninja with CG portions made by D-Rockets, and it was published by Nintendo. Metroid: Other M received an ESRB rating of “Teen” with “Animated Blood, Violence” listed as content for gamers and parents to be aware of.

How many hours have U.S. Wii owners spent playing Metroid: Other M since the game released just over 2 years ago now? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look!

The Brew
Metroid: Other M now has approximately 111,142 U.S. Wii owners that have reported game-play data through the Wii’s Nintendo Channel, with 734 days possibly reported. The game has about 28,218 more Wii owners that have reported data just since last year’s report.

Other M’s play-time per day/session is now 2 Hours 7 Minutes, and the overall reported average has increased slightly over the last year, now sitting at 16 Hours 17 Minutes as the image above shows. The reported 1,809,294 Total Hours of game-play now is an increase of 481,021 Total Hours since the report last year.

What about critic and customer review score averages for Metroid: Other M now? The “professional” critic review score average is still 78.55%, based on 52 reviews on The customer review score average is now 72.00%, based on 260 reviews from

Caffeinated Thoughts
I own Metroid: Other M now, thanks a great sale at Best Buy where I purchased the game for only $5 over the Christmas holiday this last year. Even though I own it, I still have not played the game. As a matter of fact, Metroid: Other M is not even in our house right now, as I loaned it out to our neighbor about 2 weeks ago (the same neighbor I’m borrowing Batman: Arkham Asylum from). I haven’t had an update from him yet, so I don’t know if he has made any progress in the game yet, or what he thinks of it.

If you missed how Nintendo advertised Metroid: Other M when it was released 2 years ago, you can see one commercial below for it:

As for the reported data, seeing Metroid: Other M’s reported average still sitting right above 16 hours “Per person” I think is good for the game. While Other M’s reported average is lower than Metroid Prime 3: Corruption’s reported average, if you can get 16 hours of game-play from Other M, considering its incredibly low new ($9.99 new from GameStop) and used prices in stores and from internet retailers now, I would think it’s worth giving the game a chance.

One thing I’m wondering about, is with Wii games like Metroid: Other M that shipped with known glitches, will Nintendo make an effort to get them on the Wii U’s eShop and have them properly patched up, or will games like Other M stay on the Wii console in retail format only?

Have any of you played Metroid: Other M in the last year, and if so, would you recommend it to other Wii owners? Also, do you remember how many hours you put into the game and are you sitting around the reported average “Per person”, or perhaps well above or below it?

If you are interested in Metroid: Other M for the Wii, you can see links for the game on and below:

Metroid: Other M’s Hours Played – A Year’s Worth

September 12, 2011

Coffee Beans
     Metroid: Other M was released on August 31, 2010 as a Nintendo Wii exclusive, with a MSRP of $49.99.  The game was developed by Team Ninja with help from D-Rockets for the CG portions, and published by Nintendo.
     Metroid: Other M received a “Teen” rating from the ESRB with “Animated Blood, Violence” listed as content for parents/gamers to be aware of.

     How many hours have Wii owners spent running around Bottle Ship, in Metroid: Other M with 370 days of data possibly reported?  Let’s take a look!

If you want to enter the contest/giveaway for the 2 years’ worth of coffee,
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Approx. Number of Players Having Reported Data
     Metroid: Other M has about 82,924 Wii owners that have reported game-play data through the Wii’s Nintendo Channel in the last year.

Number of Players Reporting Data, Increased
     We last looked at Metroid: Other M’s reported game-play from April 4th this year, you can read that report HERE.
     Just since April 4, Metroid: Other M has seen an increase of about 17,823 more Wii owners reporting data.
     Metroid: Other M has seen an increase of about 71,496 more Wii owners reporting game-play data, since the game’s debut data report last September.

Average & Total Game-Play Hours
     Metroid: Other M now has 1,328,273 Total Hours of game-play reported, an increase of 317,337 Total Hours since April.
     The game’s average time played is now 16 Hours 2 Minutes “Per person” reporting data, which is 30 Minutes more than the average that was reported from April 4, 2011.
     Metroid: Other M’s average play-time is now just over 2 Hours 11 Minutes per day/session reported. Sales Information
     Metroid: Other M’s sale rank is #1,535, and it is currently selling for $19.99 from a third party vendor.
     (Sale rank and price recorded around 9:45PM on September 11, 2011.)

Review Score Averages
     Metroid: Other M’s “professional” review score average is 78.55%, based on 52 reviews on

     The game has a 3.5 out of 5 Stars rating on, based on 223 customer reviews.
     Metroid: Other M’s customer review score average is 71.65%, when the customer reviews are converted to a 100% review scale.
     (Review score averages recorded around 9:45PM on September 11, 2011.)

Filtered Thoughts
     I still have not played Metroid: Other M, because my backlog of video games is still not complete!  Perhaps one days(or year) I will give Metroid: Other M a play-through, but until then I will just keep watch on its reported game-play hours.
     If any of you are new Wii owners and missed how Nintendo advertised Metroid: Other M when it released, below is the commercial they ran for the game:

     Seeing Metroid: Other M still increasing at a decent pace for Total Hours reported, and the average hours reported “Per person” increasing, I think is encouraging and shows Wii owners are still playing the game; thought its overall sales rank not being in the “Top 1,000” is really low for a Nintendo title.
     I stated back in April’s post, how it had been interesting watching Metroid: Other M’s price change so much, and that is still the case now. currently has it selling for $19.99 + $3.99 shipping from a third party vendor, while itself has the game listed at $47.03. has Metroid: Other M’s list price as $19.99 new, and $17.99 used.  You can see both the new and used prices, HERE.
     From most listed sales prices for the game, from Amazon to GameStop, it would appear that Metroid: Other M is destined to be a Nintendo Selects title, but it would be the first Nintendo Selects title that has a “Teen” rating; so perhaps all Nintendo will do is give it an “official” price drop without any promotion.

     Have any of you purchased and play Metroid: Other M in the last few months, and if so, what do you think about the game?
     If you own the game, would you say $20 or less is a great price for the game?  Or, is it worth just a weekend rental?

If any of you are interested in Metroid: Other M, you can see prices for it on listed below: