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How to survive Lord Vensor the 3rd in Challenge Mode? Rage of the Gladiator Battle!

July 3, 2012
Can you survive all his magic acts?

Coffee Beans
     Magicians never reveal their secrets? Well, at least according to Lord Vensor the 3rd. Over the last 2 years, I have uploaded several boss battle videos from Rage of the Gladiator, and just last month a comment popped up on one of my older videos.
     What was the comment? It was a request asking if I would upload a video of a battle against Lord Vensor the 3rd. For clarification on the question, I asked “From the ‘Challenge Mode’ or the first time you face him?”, and Challenge Mode was the battle they were looking for. I checked some of my older video files from the game, and while I had a Lord Vensor the 3rd battle recorded, it was from the normal mode.
     I fired up Rage of the Gladiator a few nights ago, and decided to pay Lord Vensor the 3rd another visit in the arena, and check out his assortment of illusions. How did the battle go, watch the video below for a full Lord Vensor the 3rd Challenge Mode battle to find out!

     Are there any hints, or tips, I have to help you survive Lord Vensor the 3rd’s assortment of illusions in Challenge Mode, perhaps a little more easily? Brew yourself some coffee, and read the hint/tip I have below with an image, that should give you help for learning how to more easily avoid his “magical” laser show.

     WARNING, the hints/tips I provide are all game-play based, and not Skill Tree based, so if you want to learn how to detect his laser attacks from trial and error and playing against him repeatedly, you might want to skip this section.

The Brew
     Lord Vensor the 3rd has many different “tricks” in his arsenal, as any practicing magician should. Lord Vensor’s tricks though, as colorful as some are, can be really difficult to figure out if you aren’t a practicing magician; or if you don’t feel like getting pummeled by him repeatedly.

     The first magic trick that can be challenging, and probably requires you to pay attention the most, is Lord Vensor’s colorful magical laser sphere attack. He will make a red, green, and blue sphere appear, and then the spheres discharge a laser show. Each sphere can shoot out a red, blue, or green laser, which is damaging and DEADLY if you get hit by enough of them. So, how do you avoid the lasers, and how do you know which ones are coming next? Click the image below to see the strategy:

     As the image above shows/states, the key to surviving Lord Vensor’s laser attack is to start off by dodging. Throughout the entire battle in Challenge Mode, Lord Vensor has meteors raining down from the left and right, which can hurt you. The key with the meteors during the laser show attack is to try and be aware of which side a meteor is falling, and dodge to the opposite side.
     Also, it is very important to note the color of the first laser attack. The color of the first laser attack will provide you with the only clue as to what your next defensive move should be, whether that is dodging, blocking, or jumping.

     I don’t want to spoil too much of the battle for you, but if you have any questions about which colored lasers require which defensive counter, or any other questions, feel free to email me at Scott(@)
     If you have not played Rage of the Gladiator, but are perhaps interested in it, you can download a free demo of the game through the Nintendo Shop Channel.

     If you own Rage of the Gladiator, how far have you made it in the game, and were you able to obtain the best “Rank” in each battle?
     If you own Rage of the Gladiator, but have not completed the Challenge Mode, is it because you got stuck on a boss battle? If so, which one?

June Brewed – Coffees Consumed, Games Played!

July 3, 2012

Coffee Beans
     Good morning! June marked the start of summer, and I think the temperatures outside confirm that it has officially arrived!  E3 2012 came and went. We now know a little bit more about the Wii U and some of the games for it; Sony showed off two new IPs at E3, and both seem interesting and a bit “different” if that’s the word I’m looking for; and Microsoft showed off many of the core games and franchises the Xbox 360 I think has become known for.
     With June having wrapped up, here are a few posts from the month I enjoyed putting together, that you might have missed:
     Zombies Run Nintendo – Zombie Iwata & Zombie Reggie?
     Caffeinated Thoughts on the E3 Conferences – Microsoft’s, Nintendo’s, and Sony’s
     God of War & Punch-Out!! Mixed = Rage of the Gladiator? Arena Hours Debut!
     MarioCare, or ObamaCare? Dr. Mario Online Rx’s Reported Hours
     THIS is what the 3DS XL should have looked like.
     A TKO Father’s Day Gift! Nintendo Selects: Punch-Out!!

     With July now upon us, what games did I play and coffees did I consume in June? Brew a pot of coffee, and read on!

Coffees Consumed
     June, like May, was pretty simple for the coffees I consumed. All the coffee blends brewed in June were Maxwell House, and the month started us off with the Maxwell House Dark Roast blend continued from May. After we ran out of the Dark Roast, Mrs. Coffee purchased us a container of the Maxwell House Gourmet Roast, and that lasted almost to the end of June. Then there was a coffee emergency, and we ran out of coffee!
     It was last week, I believe Thursday, that I got up and brewed the morning pot of coffee like normal. That afternoon, I brewed another pot like normal, and ended up using all of the remaining coffee for that pot. I brew Mrs. Coffee a cup each night before she leaves for work, but when I used it all that afternoon, it meant no more coffee for that night. It also meant there would be no coffee before I would left for work the next morning.

     What did I do? After getting the little Beans off to bed, I sped to Wal-Mart in a mad coffee purchase run. We fortunately live very close to a Wal-Mart, and I was able to make it back to the house and brew the nightly pot of coffee before Mrs. Coffee left. I ended up grabbing Maxwell House’s French Roast in the coffee run.

Do you know what this image shows? I spend too much time on images!

Games Played
     Mario Kart Wii – I played this early in June, racing . While I didn’t race but one or two races, our oldest Bean took notice of the game, and I decided to let him give it a try. He was pretty successful at driving backwards, and doing backwards circles, but rarely driving forward.

     PAYDAY: The Heist – I have enjoyed my short time with PAYDAY again, playing it just over an hour on my PC. I really like how Steam shows the amount of time played, and the last date the game was played, as well as any “Achievements” gained in the game. So far, I have 2/51 Achievements on my Steam copy of PAYDAY: The Heist with 75 minutes played.

     Red Steel 2 – I purchased Red Steel 2 in May from Game Stop, after I published the “Did Wii Owners Enjoy Red Steel 2? What Do the Hours Say?” post. I finished the game’s story mode on Thursday, June 7. The reported average “Per person” was just under 10 hours, but my Nintendo Channel data was showing my play-time as just over 13 hours. While the game’s setting and graphics were well done, and even the game-play was enjoyable, I just don’t think the game should have had “Red Steel” in its title. It wasn’t a perfect game, with the ending feeling kind of rushed, and I wish there was a way to go back into the main story mode to walk around and complete other missions, but considering I purchased and completed it within 2 weeks, I think shows I enjoyed it enough while it lasted.

     Rage of the Gladiator – I played a few more battles in Rage of the Gladiator during June, using the Wii MotionPlus controls in the game. I created a new file, and am working my way through it using only the Wii MotionPlus controls to see how it goes. So far, I’m enjoying the Wii MotionPlus controls in the game, and appreciate the efforts with the new Wii MotionPlus attack animations put in by the developers. It wasn’t something they had to do, but they took the time and made it an option, which I think is great.

     Super Mario Bros. 3 – What happens when I didn’t want our oldest Bean playing Mario Kart Wii, because of mainly being paranoid about the game running our system’s disc drive? He quickly becomes an expert at navigating the Wii menu, and discovering WiiWare and Virtual Console games, and of course recognizes Mario. So, he fired up Super Mario Bros. 3, and while he can’t advance very far in the levels on his own, it has been a BLAST playing through the game with him watching/participating. He instructs me well, and has repeat requests for me to go to the “Dark Castle” and “Castle” in general. He identifies the enemies in the game pretty well, but the default “Castle” boss enemies are all “Koopas”, because of the Mario cartoon series on Netflix. So far, we have made it to World 4.

     Groovin’ Blocks – This is referred to as “The puzzle game.”, by the oldest Bean. I played a few rounds of it, and beat one or two of my older high scores, but I’m not very good with keeping the beats in the game, and getting the “points multiplier” to go/stay higher.

     Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – This was a game Keith, of the now semi-retired, gifted me. I had played through I believe the first six chapters in the game last year, and wasn’t sure how much more I had to go. I randomly decided to give it another go in June, and not only stuck with it, but finished the game on June 20th. If you have a PS3 system, or are looking at getting a PS3 system, I would highly suggest picking up Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. I have now added the sequels of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to my “Video Games Wish List”. I watched the credits all the way through the night/morning I completed the game, and was very surprised to re-learn the game was originally released in 2007. I guess because I didn’t get my PlayStation 3 until 2009, I didn’t really pay attention to when it was originally released before, but was very impressed with the game considering it was released that early in the PS3’s “life”.

     Punch-Out!! – This was one of my Father’s Day gifts this year, and I have been enjoying my time with the game. I actually won the belts from the Minor, Major, & World Circuits in June, completing the World Circuit on June 30th. My reported time for the game was showing up as 5 Hours 32 Minutes, but that was without starting the Title Defense mode, and only completing two Challenges against Glass Joe in the game’s Exhibition mode. You can see me box against Glass Joe in the game’s Exhibition mode, in a video from the June post on the game. I have started the game’s Title Defense mode now, and getting laughed at by Glass Joe is absolutely hilarious, and almost humbling!

     Bit.Trip Runner – If there is a case for free demos helping “sell” a game, this could possibly be one. I had downloaded the Bit.Trip Runner WiiWare demo last year, but never really gave it a chance. After our oldest and I started our SMB3 adventure, I thought, “I wonder if he only had to push a button to jump, and not concentrate on running also, it would be easier for him?”, and that’s how I ended up giving Bit.Trip Runner another try. Our oldest knows the name, and now recognizes the menu screen, for Bit.Trip Runner, and Commander Video is known as a “ninja” in our house. While I have not downloaded the FULL version of Bit.Trip Runner, I did look it up on Steam, and I also have been thinking about just adding the entire collection on the Wii, Bit.Trip Complete, to my “Video Games Wish List”. Our oldest Bean has given the game a few tries, and can hop over at least the first obstacle, though not every time.

     What video games did you play in June, and did you perhaps try any new coffee blends/roasts in June (like our French Roasts blend), or just stick with the regular coffee blends? Out of the games you played, would any of them come highly recommended from you, like I would definitely recommend at least Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune?
     With me writing out more thoughts on the games I played during the previous month, and the ones I have completed, I may start breaking these posts up into a “Coffees Consumed” and a separate “Games Played” post, so there isn’t as much of a WALL-O-TEXT. Also, if anybody has any questions about the games I played in June, or even the coffees I consumed, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me by emailing me at, Scott(@)

God of War & Punch-Out!! Mixed = Rage of the Gladiator? Arena Hours Debut!

June 21, 2012

Coffee Beans
     What do you get when you mix a mythological game setting like the God of War series has, with game-play from the Punch-Out!! series? Well, I think the results would be Rage of the Gladiator.

     Rage of the Gladiator was released on March 15, 2010 through Nintendo’s WiiWare service, and has a price point of 1,000 Wii Points, which is $10. The game was developed and published by Ghostfire Games, and it received an ESRB rating of “Teen” with “Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Violence” listed as content for gamers and parents to be aware of.

     Rage of the Gladiator’s game-play hours just arrived on the Nintendo Channel this week, and how many hours have U.S. Wii owners spent battling bosses in the arena? Brew some coffee, and let’s take a look! Boss battle included!

The Brew
     Rage of the Gladiator has approximately 7,953 U.S. Wii owners that have reported data through the Nintendo Channel for its debut, with 826 days of data possibly reported. The game has an average play-time per day/session of 53 Minutes, with the total average “Per person” being 6 Hours 18 Minutes.
     While WiiWare games are harder to find “user reviews” for because of the digital distribution, the game has a “professional” review score average of 82.08%, based on 19 reviews on

     Rage of the Gladiator’s U.S. release has made Ghostfire Games about $79,530 before taxes and profit sharing with Nintendo, just based on the number of players that have reported data and the game’s $10 price point.

Caffeinated Thoughts
     I purchased Rage of the Gladiator the day it released on the WiiWare service, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the game. While the average hours reported show just over 6 hours of game-play, you may be wondering, “How many hours do you have reported Coffee?
     Glad you asked! The image below shows how many hours we have reported for the Coffee House:

     If you’re wondering, you should easily get 10-20 hours of game-play out of the main mode and the game’s Challenge Mode, if you think you are up for the “Challenge”! I think I can definitely say I have gotten my money’s worth out of the game!
     If you don’t know anything/much about Rage of the Gladiator, as I mentioned in the introduction, the game controls a lot like the Punch-Out!! games, which is great in my caffeinated opinion, but with the camera positioned in a first-person perspective.

     The game’s mythological setting though, inspired by games like God of War’s, allowed the developers to get really creative with the bosses in the game, and the types of attacks the bosses use are creative and varying. The game also has “Special Attacks”, sort of like Star Punches in Punch-Out!!, that you can use after unlocking/upgrading them. I thought most of the bosses, their attacks, and the “Special Attacks” in the game were all done really well.
     Here is a video of the first boss battle from the game’s Challenge Mode. I am using the game’s Wii MotionPlus control setting, which allows for the up/down swing attacks you will see:

     If you are perhaps now interested in Rage of the Gladiator, make sure to download the free WiiWare demo for it on the Nintendo Shop Channel. It will allow you to battle the first three bosses in the game’s regular mode, and give you a look at the skill tree as well.

     Have any of you played and beaten Rage of the Gladiator, even finishing Challenge Mode? If so, did you finish the game with the highest “Best Rank” possible in each battle?
     If you own the game, but have not completed the game’s Challenge Mode, was there a particular boss battle you got stuck on, or reason you didn’t complete it?

If you are interested in Rage of the Gladiator, you can purchase it directly off the Wii’s Shop Channel using a credit card, or by using a Wii Points card as seen below:

>WiiWare Wednesday – A Rage of the Gladiator Gargadan Battle

May 12, 2011


Coffee Beans:
     WiiWare Wednesday?  You read that right!  WiiWare Wednesday is a new feature for CoffeeWithGames, where I will talk about WiiWare games on Wednesdays.  It will not be a weekly feature, but will more than likely be a bi-weekly feature.
     For each WiiWare Wednesday post, I will either do a data story on some WiiWare game, or will do a game-play video of some of the WiiWare games that I own.
     For my first WiiWare Wednesday, I have put together a video of a Rage of the Gladiator battle against the creature Gargadan, from the game’s Challenge Mode.  You can watch the video and battle below!

Filtered Thoughts:
     If you are wondering, “What is Gargadan supposed to be?”  The game’s description of him(it, or they?!) reads, “Gargadan is a twisted abomination – a cruel experiment gone horribly wrong.  He is a fusion of a lion, dragon, and snake.  The lion head seems to be in charge of the others, directing the creature’s actions.  Each head has its own mind though, and sometimes disobeys.”
     Mrs. Coffee was watching me fight against Gargadan and she said something along the lines of, “That thing looks disgusting!”  I think that means the developer did a great job with his/its design!
     As I mentioned in the video, I was using my Nyko Wireless Kama Nunchuk and my Nyko Wand+ remote during the battle.  The Wii MotionPlus controls add the up/down swing attacks, as well as keeping the normal left/right swing attacks that can be done high or low.

     If you own Rage of the Gladiator, have you finished the game’s Challenge Mode yet?  If you don’t own Rage of the Gladiator, have you downloaded the free WiiWare demo for it from the Wii’s Shop Channel yet, and if so, what do you think of the demo?

     Rage of the Gladiator can be downloaded from the Wii’s Shop Channel for 1,000 Wii Points, which is $10, by using a credit/debit card; or by using a Wii Points Card as linked/pictured below:  

>Amit the Charmer – Challenge Mode Battle Rank A

March 12, 2011


Coffee Beans:
     It’s been a while since I have posted any video from Rage of the Gladiator, but earlier this week I received a comment on one of my YouTube videos, and the comment said, “I was wondering if you have an Amit the Charmer Challenge Mode video?  Or do you have any hints on beating him…?
     Well, I had already uploaded several videos from Rage of the Gladiator, but none were a full battle against Amit the Charmer.  So, I sat down last night and recorded some matches against him.

     Amit the Charmer’s description in Rage of the Gladiator reads, “Amit is a dirty vagabond who roams the streets of Avalance.  He’s a well-known con-artist that’s always looking for handouts.  Rumor has it that if you don’t pay him off, he’ll charm you with his flute, and then order his snakes to devour you.”

     SPOILER ALERT: The video below is of a full battle against Amit the Charmer, in Rage of the Gladiator’s Challenge Mode.  If you don’t want to see a full battle against him, you shouldn’t watch the video, but if you’re stuck on him, or trying to achieve a higher Rank, the video may be of some help to you.

Filtered Thoughts:
     I was using the “Horizontal” controls in the match, which are the controls using just the Wii Remote.  One big piece of advice I have when playing against Amit the Charmer in Challenge Mode, and just trying to beat him, is to never skip any in match animations/cut-scenes.  What I mean by this, is never press the button that skips the animations of you getting up from the ground if you get knocked down, and don’t skip the animations/cut-scene in between rounds when you knock him down…just let the animations play out.
     There are a few boss battles in Rage of the Gladiator that will sometimes have the attack timing thrown off briefly if you skip the animations during the match, and Amit the Charmer is one of those bosses, so it’s best to just let them play out.
     As I stated in the video, if you’re interested in Rage of the Gladiator you can currently download a free demo for the game on the Wii’s Shop Channel, and play through the game’s first three boss battles.  I highly suggest giving the game a try, especially if you were ever interested in the Punch-Out games, but perhaps never gave them a chance.

     Have any of you downloaded the demo for Rage of the Gladiator, and if so, what do you think of what you have played?
     If you already own the full WiiWare version of Rage of the Gladiator are there any boss battles you would like to see footage of?

If anybody is interested in Rage of the Gladiator, the full WiiWare version is available to download for just 1000 Wii Points, or $10.  You can use a Wii Points card, or you can use a credit card, to purchase it from the Wii’s Shop Channel. 

Rage of the Gladiator: News and Nagano Battle

December 16, 2010
I wonder if he uses those to stir his coffee?

Coffee Beans:
     First, the news!  I contacted Ed Roman, the CEO of Ghostfire Games, last week, and asked if Rage of the Gladiator was going to be getting a WiiWare demo.  Ed replied they had just submitted the Rage of the Gladiator demo to Nintendo for approval, and it should be out, “in the next couple of months”.
     Ed said the WiiWare demo will feature the first three bosses from Rage of the Gladiator(Tagon, Horlan the Crusher, and the Sea Witch), and I’m assuming they will be from the game’s normal mode.  When I asked if any offense/defense/magic attacks would be unlocked for players to try, Ed replied, “Users will be able to use the tech tree up until that point.”
     I think this will give players interested in the game, a very good idea of what they can expect and look forward to with the full version of Rage of the Gladiator.  If the demo plays like the regular version, players should be able to access at least fifteen different “skills” with a few play-throughs, including five “special attacks”.

     Nagano – I’ve recorded and uploaded several videos of boss battles from Rage of the Gladiator, even one trailer that shows all the bosses in the game very briefly.  However, I have not shown a full battle against Nagano, until today!  Nagano is a masked mercenary, trained in martial arts.  He brings several varying attacks to the arena, and like the other bosses in Rage of the Gladiator, you must be quick on your toes(coffee helps!) when fighting him.
     Here’s a video of me battling Nagano in Rage of the Gladiator’s “Normal mode” using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls…SPOILER Warning – This is a FULL battle against Nagano with special attacks, if you don’t want to see an entire battle from Rage of the Gladiator, don’t watch the full video!

     If you are interested in Rage of the Gladiator, you can purchase it directly off the Wii’s Shop Channel, or by purchasing and using points off of a Nintendo Wii/DSi Points Card(shown below): 

Rage againstof the Gladiator – Horlan the Crusher in Challenge Mode

September 27, 2010

Brewed Info:

     If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably know from all of my Rage of the Gladiator videos I have posted, that I enjoy the game.
     After playing through the game several times, I think the word “Rage” in the game’s title, fits it very well.
     There are several definitions for “rage”, but I think the best description of rage, that applies to Rage of the Gladiator, is one provided by Wikipedia, “When a person experiences rage it usually lasts until a threat is removed or the person under rage is incapacitated.
     In Rage of the Gladiator, you must knock down each boss three times to defeat them, or they may knock you down three times and you have to fight them all over again.
     While that description of rage may apply to the game-play aspect of Rage of the Gladiator, if you are prone to throwing controllers in fits of rage if you get frustrated at video games, make sure you wear the Wii Remote wrist strap while playing Rage of the Gladiator.

     Whenever I did one of my first “previews” on Rage of the Gladiator back in April(you can read it HERE), I mentioned how the game gives our four different “Ranks”, or grades, depending on how you do in the fights.
     The four letter ranks you can achieve in Rage of the Gladiator are:
  • Rank: S – received if you complete a match without getting knocked down, and if you complete the match without getting hit; basically a perfect match
  • Rank: A – received if you aren’t knocked down, but do get hit by the boss
  • Rank: B – received if you are knocked down once in the match
  • Rank: C – received if you are knocked down twice in a match
     Trying to achieve a “Rank: S” in each battle, can be extremely frustrating; especially in Challenge Mode!  Here is a new video from a battle I did in Rage of the Gladiator, against Horlan the Crusher in Challenge Mode; demonstrating how frustrating it may be to get a “Rank: S” in a battle:

     Like I said above, if you are prone to throwing controllers in fits of rage when playing video games, Rage of the Gladiator is a game that the Wii Remote wrist strap should be worn at all times while playing; and I think the video above is a good example of how it may cause a wide range of emotions during a match when attempting to get a “Rank: S” in the fights.
     While it can be frustrating to not get a Rank: S in the battles, it is extremely satisfying when you do defeat a boss perfectly and receive the Rank: S for it.  Rage of the Gladiator is a game that offers a lot of replay value because of the ranking system, and there is even a special attack that is unlocked after receiving a certain Rank in each battle.

     Has anybody purchased Rage of the Gladiator, but not finished Challenge Mode yet?  If so, which boss fight are you on?  If anybody has finished Rage of the Gladiator’s Challenge Mode, what were the highest “ranks” you received in the fights?
     Are there any games that you have played, that have made you want to throw the controller(and perhaps you did), because of the frustration it caused?

     Rage of the Gladiator is available to download from Nintendo’s WiiWare service, for 1000 Wii Points.  You can either purchase a Wii Points card(pictured below), or use a credit/debit card directly on the Wii’s Shop Channel to download the game for $10.

Rage of the Gladiator – The Sea Witch Battle Rank S

August 29, 2010

Quick Brew Info:
     This is a video of a battle against The Sea Witch in Rage of the Gladiator, on Challenge Mode.  I was using the Wii Remote control, and I was able to achieve a Rank S without using any offensive, defensive, or magic special attacks.
     Spoiler Warning – Again, the following video is an entire battle against The Sea Witch in Rage of the Gladiator’s Challenge Mode.

     If there are any other full length boss battles from Rage of the Gladiator you would like to see, let me know either in the comments; or by sending me an email to,
     If you aren’t sure what all the bosses are like in Rage of the Gladiator, you can watch them briefly at the video on my post, Rage of the Gladiator – All Bosses Briefly Shown.

Rage of the Gladiator – The Sea Witch in Challenge Mode

August 20, 2010

Quick Brew Info:
     After I posted the last video showing all of the bosses in Rage of the Gladiator, a user from another site’s message board, Vaynard, said, “I wouldn’t mind having a video of her in Challenge Mode.”
     The “her” reference was for the Sea Witch in Rage of the Gladiator.
     Here’s a video of an entire battle against the Sea Witch (Medusa?), from Rage of the Gladiator’s Challenge Mode.

     Vaynard mentioned using the Wii Remote control style, so that is what I used in this video.  I also used the Charge Attack, which is the most basic offensive attack in Rage of the Gladiator.

     If anybody has any other battles they would like to see from Rage of the Gladiator, or questions about the game; just leave a comment letting me know, or contact me at

     If you are interested in Rage of the Gladiator, you can purchase it directly off the Wii’s Shop Channel, or by purchasing and using points off of Nintendo Wii/DSi Points Card…

Rage of the Gladiator – All Bosses Briefly Shown

August 14, 2010

Quick Brew Info:
In this video, I briefly show ALL the bosses from Rage of the Gladiator.  If you do not want to see/know what all the bosses are like in Rage of the Gladiator, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO.  If you are curious about the game, the video will show you the cast of characters, but not spoil many attacks/moves in the game:

If anybody is stuck on a boss battle, in Normal or Challenge Mode; and you would like a video of the entire battle, let me know and I’ll see if I can put one together for you.