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Site Note: Discuss with Disqus! The New Comment System

November 19, 2011

Coffee Beans
     For those of you that haven’t noticed yet, I changed the comment system on the site yesterday.  While the Blogger comment system worked fine, I made the change to the Disqus comment system after a reader sent me an email saying he was trying to upload his coffee mugs photo to the comments, but he couldn’t figure out how to do it.  The reason he couldn’t figure it out though, is because the Blogger comment system doesn’t have an upload feature for photos.
     It was actually the second time in a week that the lack of photo upload feature was mentioned, in one way or another, because Keith from mentioned that he was going to leave a comment/photo on the “That’s like a dollar an hour!” post, but realized even if he found the photo he was looking for, he wouldn’t have been able to upload it.

     If you have a Blogger account you may be wondering, “Coffee, can I still comment with my Blogger account, or do I have to create a Disqus account?
     Well, if you haven’t tried commenting yet, after you type out your comment and click the “Post as …” button a box will pop up asking you what account you wish to comment with.  You can see the “Post as…” and the popup box in the images below:

     So yes, you can still comment with your Blogger account, and you just select the “Google” button in the box as shown above.  Also if you wish, you can create a Disqus account for free and use that to comment, or the plethora of other choices including Twitter and Facebook accounts.
     Hopefully those of you that have already commented with the new Disqus system found it easy to use, and if you have any issues/questions about it just let me know!

     Do you find the new Disqus comment system easy enough to use?  Any likes, or dislikes?