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Summer Hours Spent at the Beach Resort – Wii Sports Resort Data

September 26, 2010

Quick Brew Info:
     Wii Sports Resort(WSR) released last July as a retail title for the Wii with a MSRP of 49.99.  Since May of this year, Wii Sports Resort has been bundled with Wii Sports, and included with new Wii consoles for $199.99.
     Summer started this year on June 21, and summer ended just this past week, on September 22(or September 23?).  The last time we looked at the play-time data for Wii Sports Resort was on July 2, but the data breakdown here will be from June 21 through September 20.
     How many hours did Wii owners spend with Wii Sports Resort, over 92 days during the summer?  Let’s take a look…

On June 21, 2010, Wii Sports Resort had the following play-time data reported:

On September 20, 2010, Wii Sports Resort had the following play-time data reported:
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Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data:
     Wii Sports Resort has 647,890 players reporting play-time data, as of September 20.

Number of Players Increased Over the Summer:
     Since June 21, or over 92 days of the summer, Wii Sports Resort saw an increase of about 153,762 players reporting play-time data on the Wii’s Nintendo Channel.
Game-Play Hours Reported:
     Wii Sports Resort now has 17,039,171 Total Hours reported, compared to the 11,836,186 Total Hours that were reported on June 21.
     In June, each Wii Sports Resort play session was lasting about 1 Hour 45 Minutes.  As of September 20, the average play session for Wii Sports Resort was about 1 Hour 42 Minutes.
Current Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
     Wii Sports Resort’s sale rank was #70, for the software by itself, not counting what the Wii bundles are ranked.  The game is selling for $48.93.
Review Score Averages:
     Wii Sports Resort’s review score average on has not changed since I posted the data back on July 2.  WSR still has a review score average of 83.00%. based on 51 reviews.
     According to 505 customer reviews, Wii Sports Resort has a 4.5 out of 5 Star rating.
Thoughts & Questions:
     So, according the Nintendo Channel play-time data, Wii owners in America spent 5,202,985 hours on Wuhu Island from June 21 through September 20; probably making it the most popular beach resort for 2010.
     According to NPD data, in July and August this year, the Wii sold 498,200 units.  We don’t have the specific numbers of the last 9 days of June, or the first 20 days of September so far; but I would think it is safe to assume the Wii sold at least 600,000 units during the days presented by the data.
     If 600,000 is close to how many Wiis were sold, that means 600,000 copies of Wii Sports Resort were included with those bundles, plus however many units WSR sold at retail by itself.  Based off the sales and increased number of players over the summer, that means about 20-25% of new Wii Sports Resort owners started using the Nintendo Channel and approved to have their play-time data reported.
     Did any of you spend some hours on Wuhu Island this summer?  If so, what were your favorite Wii Sports Resort activities?
     I still don’t own Wii Sports Resort, and the last time I visited Wuhu Island was back in December.

If you are interested in Wii Sports Resort, you can see prices for it on linked below: