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>Pre-Order/Reserve PlayStation Vita Online Now

June 7, 2011


Coffee Beans:
     If you were watching Sony’s E3 press conference tonight, you may have been really surprised(as I was), about the price points for the PlayStation Vita(Click to pre-order now!).
     Sony announced the Vita will have two price points: one with WiFi only for $249.99, and one with WiFi an 3G service provided by AT&T for $299.99.

     If you’re ready to jump on the Vita bandwagon, you can click the images below to pre-order, or reserve, either(or both) versions of the handheld system on

     The $299.99 3G and WiFi system is on the left, the $249.99 WiFi only Vita system is on the right.
Filtered Thoughts:
     I think the price points are very good for what Sony showed the Vita seems capable of tonight at E3.  If I were to get one, I would probably go with just the WiFi system being that I don’t travel a lot, and I would use it mainly around the house.
     Were any of you surprised by the price points for the PlayStation Vita, and did the revealed prices make your more/less interested in the system, than you perhaps were before the prices were revealed?

> Raises Prices of Third Party 3DS Software

January 19, 2011

>Coffee Beans:
     I have been following prices and sales ranks on for a while now.  Amazon has had multiple 3DS games available for pre-order, since sometime in December, and it appears that 3DS games just got a bump in the MSRP that will be asked of consumers.
     Here’s an image that shows what was asking for the pre-order prices on 3DS games, until this evening:

     I just checked, and here are the new pre-order prices for those same 3DS games…you can click the links to see for yourself, and pre-order if you wish:
Filtered Thoughts:
     As you can see according to, it now appears $40 may be the standard MSRP price of new 3DS games.  Now with Nintendo’s big event happening in a few short hours around the world, either is raising prices just to be safe, or they are preparing their site ahead of time to be ready for all the people looking to pre-order after tomorrow’s announcements.
     Do you think is showing the true price of 3DS games, at $39.99?  If so, do you think that $40 is too much for 3DS games?
     I personally, having the “Cheap Cheaper Cheapest” mindset, think $40 is ridiculous for portable versions of games…and yes, I’m judging a book by its cover, as I haven’t played any of the games.  Perhaps once I do, the $40 will be justified…but call me a skeptic.