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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Headshots Don’t Matter?

November 20, 2010

Coffee Beans:
     Call of Duty: Black Ops arrived at my house last Tuesday, and since then I have been able to play some online multi-player matches and Zombie mode.
     This past Sunday night, I was playing online with some friends, and we were talking about the different issues popping up in Black Ops’ multi-player and the different glitches being reported online.  I was talking about the bullet lag issue with one friend, and in talking about the issue, we somehow decided to see how many shots it takes to kill an opponent in online multi-player.
     We tried out different weapons on each other, and we would be basically standing point-blank when firing at each other.

     The video below is a brief example that point-blank headshots in Call of Duty: Black Ops may not have the results you would expect(certainly not the results we expected):

Quick Thoughts:
     I would think from the examples shown in the video above, my player should have been dead.  I can understand perhaps surviving a single gunshot to the head, but considering how close I was being shot, I don’t think there is really an excuse.
     If headshots work well on zombies, I think they should work the same in multi-player.  Perhaps Treyarch could add a perk such as, “Hammer Head”, that would be like wearing a helmet to actually give reasons for surviving headshots(maybe this perk exists, but I haven’t seen it)?

     Do you think Treyarch should work on fixing the hit detection in Black Ops, so the closer you are to a person, the more damage you will do if you shoot them?  
     Also, do you think headshots should be instant death in multi-player, no matter what weapon you are using?

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