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September Brewed – Coffees Consumed, Games Played!

October 2, 2012

Coffee Beans
Like coffee in my cup, the month of September is gone! If you skimmed an occasional post here and there during the month, here are some posts you might have missed during September:

With October already brewing, what coffees did I consume and games did I play in September? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look!
Coffees Consumed
Maxwell House coffees were the dominate coffee blends in our house during September. We had three Maxwell House coffee blends in September that we enjoyed, those being:
  • Maxwell House House Blend
  • Maxwell House Dark Roast
  • Maxwell House Gourmet Roast
For the first time in a few months, we purchased some Starbucks coffee during the month, but it wasn’t just for brewing. I had been wanting whole coffee beans to record the grinding sound with our grinder, for the Grounds for Celebration videos. Mrs. Coffee was out one day early in September, and I messaged her asking if she could grab some whole coffee beans before coming home. She purchased the Starbucks Blonde Veranda Blend, and it is an extremely light blend. If you don’t like your coffee dark and very strong, this would be a good blend to try.
Over the last weekend in September though, Mrs. Coffee and I packed our bags and loaded the car with the boys, and headed off to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee with some friends. While we were in Gatlinburg, I searched for a local coffee shop that I could perhaps grab a cup of coffee from on National Coffee Day. I found a local shop, Coffee & Company, and tried their house blend for the day (either the Costa Rican Tarrazu or the Le Conte View roast).
Games Played
The short list for the games I played in September is: New Super Mario Bros. DS, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, LittleBigPlanet, Mutant Mudds, Rage of the Gladiator, Blacklight: Retribution, Batman: Arkham Asylum, 2 Fast 4 Gnomz, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Bros., and BIT.TRIP RUNNER.
New Super Mario Bros. DS – Bean 1 is still playing this, even with a barely functioning bottom screen. He’ll ask/tell me (or, I’ll be volun-told as Chalgyr said) to play few of the levels from time-to-time, and we are currently back in World 3. I have been tempted to take apart the DS Lite, and see if I can figure out the touch screen problems; I even looked up a few YouTube videos on how to do it.
Super Mario World – Not much new here to report, but Bean 1 and I are still enjoying this one on the Virtual Console like most of the other Mario games.
Super Mario 64 – This one became Bean 1’s Mario game of choice in September. He has improved GREATLY in the game. I have attempted to record footage of him in the levels a few times, but usually start recording a little late. He beat Koopa the Quick on September 9th, and enjoys running around the castle and levels; but like NSMBDS, I get asked/told to play a few levels and do a few things in it from time-to-time.
LittleBigPlanet – Bean 1 asks to play this as his last delay tactic before bed usually. He is pretty good at getting through levels in the game now, and he has found some incredibly designed player created levels, with Mario themes and even a Phineas and Ferb level that I was really impressed with. Like the Mario games, I usually get asked to play a few of the levels to help out, and show him how to get through certain areas.
Mutant Mudds – I purchased Mutant Mudds for my PC the first week of September, and I have really enjoyed my time with it so far. The game is definitely challenging, and platforming fans should enjoy it. I have been using the default controls in the game, but you can adjust them or use a separate gamepad if you want. Bean 1 has even attempted to play a few of the levels, which I found amusing to watch.
Rage of the Gladiator – I played a few matches again, and realized that there are quite a few bosses I haven’t recorded/uploaded any footage from yet. I may do that for an October post, or two.
Blacklight: Retribution – I decided to give this one another try in September, and enjoyed my time in a few matches one night in September. I actually placed 3rd in a match, which I think is the highest I have placed so far. I just started attempting to change out my gear, and once finding where to look, it seems like a pretty easy process once you have the points and the required level in the game to use better equipment. If you have a Steam account and enjoy FPS games, I would easily recommend you giving Blacklight: Retribution a try considering it is free-to-play.

The game shows the top three players at the end of each match.
Batman: Arkham Asylum – I’m not sure how close I am to beating the game, but I think I have made some decent progress in it so far. Perhaps before the Wii U releases, I can finish Arkham Asylum, then give Arkham City a try on the Wii U. I’m still enjoying my time with the game, and I like how the game is challenging and makes me think of ways to clear rooms of enemies. Batman is not invincible!
2 Fast 4 Gnomz – Bean 1 clicked on this WiiWare demo from the SD card menu on our Wii. I ended up being volunteered by him to play it, and completed the demo. The game is insane, at least from my time with the demo. Think BIT.TRIP RUNNER style where you don’t stop moving forward, but the graphical style kept making me wonder if I was going to have a seizure! One thing I did like that 2 Fast 4 Gnomz provided in each level was the number of times you had attempted it. So, if you hit spikes, fall in holes, or just miss your jumps 20, 30, 40, or 50 times, you know exactly how many times you have been tortured by the level. The level of difficulty might be too much for your average gamer also, but if you enjoy tough challenges I do recommend giving the demo a try.
Super Mario Bros. 3 – Another Virtual Console game that has shown to be a great value for us. Bean 1 is still running around in some of the levels, and can complete World 1-1 and World 1-2 now usually without any/many issues.
BIT.TRIP RUNNER – On National Coffee Day, I started with the Maxwell House Gourmet Roast, then the house blend from Coffee & Company, then a cup from McDonald’s, then I ended the day/night with another cup(s) of the Maxwell House Gourmet Roast. Right before sleep took over Saturday night, I played BIT.TRIP RUNNER on Mrs. Coffee’s laptop.
Did you have a coffee blend/roast of choice in September?  What video games did you play during September, and would you recommend any of the ones that you did play?

Also, if you have any questions about the games I played or the coffees I consumed in September, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

August Brewed – Coffees Consumed, Games Played!

September 4, 2012

Coffee Beans
September 2012 is already upon us, and August has vanished like the Statue of Liberty when David Copperfield is around. If you just visited the site occasionally when you saw CoffeeWithGames posts pop up on other sites, here are a few posts you might have missed in August:

September has just started brewing, but what coffees did I consume and games did I play in August? Brew yourself a fresh pot of coffee, and let’s take a look!
Coffees Consumed
The three Green Mountain coffee blends I had listed for August, were from our trip when we visited family and we were using my mom’s Keurig coffee machine. The Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread, Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast, and Green Mountain Coffee Spicy Eggnog were all brewed and consumed in early August, before we made our trip back home.
The Maxwell House Dark Roast coffee blend was waiting for us when we arrived home from our trip, sitting on the shelf right where I had left it, imagine that! It lasted us a few more days, and when it ran out Mrs. Coffee purchased us the Maxwell House Gourmet Roast. The Gourmet Roast blend lasted us almost until the end of August, and then Mrs. Coffee purchase us the Maxwell House House Blend coffee. We still have right around half the container of it as September has started up, so it should last us a little while longer.
Maxwell House is our “go to” coffee blend now, for two reasons really. It has a good price and decent variety of coffee roasts available. We usually buy the “240 6 FL OZ CUPS” ground coffee containers, and enjoy them while they lasts.
Games Played
What’s the “Instant Coffee” list of games I played in August? They are: Super Mario Bros. 3, New Super Mario Bros. DS, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, PAYDAY: The Heist, Blacklight: Retribution, Rage of the Gladiator, Madden NFL 13 Demo, Punch-Out!!, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Little Big Planet, and GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64.
Super Mario Bros. 3 – We have made it I think to World 6 now, maybe World 7. It has been about a week since we last played it, but we are making slow progress in it. Bean 1 has greatly improved though, and can now beat multiple levels in the game just by going through them with normal items found in the levels.
New Super Mario Bros. DS – Bean 1 was really enjoying this one, until the DS he was using stopped functioning properly. He still runs around the game, but for some reason the DS’ touch screen does not register touches, so changing World maps and using stored items in the game can’t be done anymore. The bottom screen displays everything properly as it should, but for some reason the touch function just doesn’t work, even after trying to calibrate it again. We had completed the game, and were working on all the secret exits before the touch screen stopped functioning.
Super Mario World – Bean 1 and I have beaten this one a few times, using the “Star Road” shortcuts. Bean 1 often calls the game “Mario Super World”, but like Super Mario Bros. 3 he has made some great progress in improving his game-play, and can complete entire levels on his own now.
Super Mario Bros. – Playing through and beating the original is still challenging, and if you haven’t played it, I highly suggest going into the final level with a fire flower at the least.
Super Mario 64 – Bean 1 has “finished” one mission in a level all on his own. He is able to run around most of the levels pretty well now, knows how to use the cannons, and enjoys climbing trees in the game. The first Star he found on his own was in “Course 1 BOB-OMB BATTLEFIELD”.
PAYDAY: The Heist – I played another level on my Steam version in August, and it reminded me quickly of how touch the A.I. can be in the levels! It’s definitely a challenging game and there are a lot of police officers, SWAT team members, etc., thrown your way as you try to complete your mission objectives.
Blacklight: Retribution – A free FPS game? Good. A free FPS game on Steam? Awesome! I have enjoyed my brief time with Blacklight: Retribution, though I haven’t yet purchased any of the in-game items. I should probably start a video game “schedule” and post it up, where it will have certain times and games I will be playing and maybe some of you could join in. Otherwise, my schedule right now is pretty spastic.
Rage of the Gladiator – I played and completed a few matches in the game, and will probably be playing a few more this month as well.
Madden NFL 13 Demo – I gave the demo a try for the PlayStation 3. I won a few games, and lost a few games. The demo didn’t sell me though, because of small things in it that I don’t think the Madden series should have considering how long they have been making them. Players running through apparent hologram people on the sidelines, cars that look like they’re made from cardboard boxes, no replay function, terrible camera shots of recently completed plays. Perhaps the retail version fixed some of the issues before it shipped, but the demo didn’t sell me on the game.
Punch-Out!! – I’m still slowly making my way through Title Defense mode, I completed on more match in Title Defense mode in August, but didn’t play it but one night.
Batman: Arkham Asylum – I think I have made decent progress in the game, and I have been enjoying my time with it. I did get “lost” or confused on how to make progress at one point, but that was resolved after taking a break and picking it up again. I’m not sure how many hours of game-play I can expect from it, but I have probably played it around 10 hours so far.
Little Big Planet – I started this up for Bean 1 randomly one night in August and he is making a little progress with the game-play, but having to hold the R1 button to grab onto objects is a little challenging for him still. I had never really played it before, and I am finding it interesting as I play through some of the levels with him watching. I might need to start a new file though, and start from the beginning to understand the storyline and more of the game-play elements in it, but so far the game-play seems pretty solid and I like the graphical style in the game.
GoldenEye 007 – Which one? GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. The game turned 15 years old on August 25th, and I put many hours into back when it originally released. I have been playing through some of the single player missions, and enjoying the game. If I can ever “pull the trigger”, I will have two posts up on GoldenEye 007 sometime this week (said that last week also!).
I enjoyed all of the games I played in August, even my brief games with the Madden demo, though it failed to sell me on the game. If you are looking for a great way to play the old NES and SNES Mario games, I think buying a cheap Wii console and purchasing the Mario games off the Virtual Console is a great way to go about it.
If you have a Steam account and like FPS games, I do recommend giving Blacklight: Retribution a try, especially considering its free. If any of you have PAYDAY: The Heist on Steam or for the PlayStation 3, and want to try some cooperative matches in the game, leave a comment below or feel free to email me at Scott(@) to let me know when you play the most.
What video games did you play in August, and did you have a drink of choice while gaming? Are there any games you played in August that you would recommend others to check out? Also, if any of you are Nintendo DS owners, have you ever had an issue where the touch screen stopped registering any “touch” on it? If so, were you able to fix the problem?

The "Free Games Giveaway" winner is…

September 1, 2012

Coffee Beans
Last Saturday, I posted up the “Free Games Giveaway! Connect With Coffeepost. It contained details of how to enter a contest/giveaway for the PC games BIT.TRIP BEAT, Fieldrunners, SpaceChem, and Uplink. The contest/giveaway ended Thursday, and the picture above shows that I did the drawing for the winner as I have done in past contests. Empty coffee container, drop the names in it, shake it up, pull one out. The coffee container used for the drawing was a 33 oz. Maxwell House Gourmet Roast container that “MAKES UP TO 270 6 FL OZ CUPS” of coffee.

Who was the winner of the games? Jump past the break below to find out!

Caffeinated Thoughts
Thanks to everybody that entered the contest/giveaway. I laughed when I drew Robert’s name out of the coffee container, because if you don’t know, Robert has his own video game site titled IncompleteGaming. I thought it was funny he was the one that won the four games, helping him keep his site name legitimate!

If you missed the contest/giveaway post, you can see the original post HERE. Not only did the original post provide three ways to get entered into it, but with the additional data reports over the last week I provided an extra nine possible chances to be entered into the contest/giveaway, for a total of 12 possible entries.

Congratulations to Robert on winning the contest/giveaway!

September Brewed! Coffees Consumed, Games Played

October 3, 2011

Coffee Beans
     Tests, homework, tests, homework, family, tests, homework, work, tests.  This is how I pretty much feel September went, along with daily coffee consumption of course, and finding time to play a few games as well.
     So, with October already brewing, let’s take a look at the games I played, and the coffees I consumed during September!

Coffees Consumed in September
     Maxwell House French Roast – Started in August, finished in September.  These 270 cup coffee containers seem to last us about a month now, as I have tried to cut back consumption from three pots a day, to just two; though that doesn’t always happen!  We enjoyed it while it lasted.
     Trader Joe’s Joe’s Dark Coffee Roast – Courtesy of my friend Charlie from  If you missed the post about this coffee, you can read it HERE.  There’s still about half of the container left, so it should last us at least through October.
     Seattle’s Best Coffee Organic House Blend – This one survived a few months, partially because of the wide selection of coffees we have had in the house, but also because it would get “lost” in the back of the selections!  Well, I rediscovered it at the beginning of September and finished it off.
     Maxwell House Master Blend – Another big 270 cup coffee container that was purchased after the Maxwell House French Roast container was emptied.  We have about half of it left, so we’ll probably finish it mid-October and replace it with something else, but we are both enjoying it.  I usually brew with this in the mornings before I leave for work, and I make another pot of it at night before Mrs. Coffee leaves.
     New England Coffee Colombian Supremo Blend – Like the Seattle’s Best Coffee, this blend has survived many months and is only an 11oz. bag.  As with the Seattle’s Best Coffee blend, this one gets buried in the back of the cabinet, which then requires shuffling/moving items around to find it again.  There’s still about two pots left in the bag, and it’s probably best for me to try and finish this one off, so I’ll leave it out by the coffee pot tonight!
     Greek Coffee – For about the last three years, Mrs. Coffee and I have made it to a local Greek Festival that serves all kinds of Greek food and has Greek music/bands.  One item that is served is Greek coffee.  If you have never had Greek coffee, and are not familiar with it, the easiest way I can describe it is very thick, and syrupy; but not necessarily sweet syrupy.  They basically boil coffee grounds in water, so there is a very thick consistency in the bottom of the cup when you finish drinking the liquid portion.  So, I had one cup of Greek coffee while I was at the festival, but it is probably still in my system because of how strong it was!
     Chick-Fil-A Coffee – With my crazy work/family schedule starting the last week, I have been making it more of a routine now to leave the store with a cup of coffee I can start drinking on the way home, and not have to worry with brewing a pot right away upon entering the house.  I had probably three cups when leaving work last week, not to mention a few cups at work during the month of September.

Video Games Played in September
     Borderlands – Keith, from, and I played some Borderlands early in September.  We were having a difficult time on our mission, and I said, “We need to just go grind and level up some.”  To which Keith said that was lame, and we could handle it.  Well, apparently, we couldn’t handle it and are now apparently stuck on our mission due to enemies being so tough to kill, and us having so little ammo/money to survive.  Thanks Keith!
     Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection – The same night Keith and I played Borderlands, we hopped online and played a few rounds of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection against each other.  Keith beat me every single match, I think except maybe one(unless that was just a round).
     Greg Hastings Paintball 2 – Joe Doyle!  I don’t know why, but Joe Doyle is the one character in Greg Hastings Paintball 2 that I remember out of all the other ones.  Keith and I were first playing the game on the PS3 a few months back, and when I saw Joe Doyle’s name popup I said, “I know you Joe Doyle!”  It kind of turned into a joke during matches, and Keith and I are now awaiting the imminent announcement of Joe Doyle’s Paintball!
     Medal of Honor: Vanguard – Scratch another game off my backlog!  I started this game many moons ago, but decided that it was time to make some more progress on my backlog in September and Medal of Honor: Vanguard was the game I finished up.  The graphics are definitely first generation Wii graphics(last generation PS2-ish graphics I think), and while the controls weren’t FULLY customizeable, I thought they worked well enough.  The difficulty level definitely increased the further the game went along, and the last level was pretty challenging in two different spots.  Was it worth about the $5 I got it for?  I think so, and it even has local multi-player if you are interested in that type of option.
     Super Mario Bros. –  Our oldest little bean will now randomly request to “Watch Mario.” when he sees it flash on the screen if I accidentally go to the wrong page on the Wii.  Not only does he want to watch, but he wants to “play”, which consists of him hitting the 2 button repeatedly and watching Mario jump, and jump, and jump!  I have been attempting to show him more controls, but he seems just fine with knowing how to make Mario jump, and doesn’t really care if he walks.  I was playing through a level with him watching one night, and I jumped over a hole, but hit a Goomba and died, to which he replied, “Mario epic fail.”
     Battlefield 3 Beta – The Battlefield 3 Beta went live on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this past Thursday, and being that I own a PS3, I downloaded it that afternoon.  I have been able to play a good number of rounds in it, and though I have experienced a few glitches, the Beta is running pretty smoothly overall for me.  This is my first “modern” Battlefield game to play, as I had only played Battlefield 1943 before.  Battlefield 3 is due out later this month, on October 25.  It will be available on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 with a MSRP of $59.95.

Filtered Thoughts
   In total, I consumed seven different coffees in September, and played six games.  If any of you are PS3 owners(I know some of you are!), and you download the Battlefield 3 Beta, make sure to add me to your friend list and hopefully we can play a few matches before the Beta is pulled off the service.

     What coffees did you consume and what games did you find yourself playing in September?
     Also, have any of you tried Greek coffee before?  If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

August Brewed – Coffees Consumed, Games Played

September 2, 2011

Coffee Beans
     Family, work, school, and flying out for a friend’s wedding is where a lot of my time was invested in August, but I did make time to play some games, and coffee consumption was a daily occurrence as usual.
     With the 31 days of August 2011 now history, let’s take a look at the coffees I consumed, and the games I played during August.

Coffees Consumed in August
     Folgers Custom Roast – This was a 270 coffee cup container purchased in July.  It lasted us until about the middle of August, and I enjoyed it while it lasted.
     Seattle’s Best Coffee Organic House Blend – This was a blend Mrs. Coffee purchased me as a surprise back in June, and it has survived since then.  I checked just tonight, and there is still some coffee left in it, probably enough for another 6 cup pot.
     Tully’s Bold Coffee French Roast – This was a Keurig coffee pod that I brewed up in one of my friends’ Keurig coffee machine.  It had a good solid flavor to it, and filled my cup up to the top.
     Trader Joe’s, Joe’s Dark Coffee – This is a “coffee by mail” story.  Reader, and fellow blogger, Charlie mailed me this container of coffee.  It’s a whole bean coffee, so I have been using our coffee bean grinder every few days and making a few cups.  I just brewed myself and Mrs. Coffee a few cups of it tonight(Thursday), and I will probably ration this coffee out so I can try to make it lasts a little while.  A huge thanks to Charlie for the coffee, and I have been thoroughly enjoying it!  You can read Charlie’s writings at his blog,
     Maxwell House French Roast – Mrs. Coffee purchased this container of coffee in August, after going about 2 months without purchasing any Maxwell House coffee blends.  So far, it’s
     Two Cups of Starbucks – I flew out last Friday, August 26, to be a friend’s wedding.  After staying up super late Thursday night doing schoolwork, then waking up early Friday morning to leave, instead of brewing the coffee before I left, I decided I would just grab a cup of coffee at the airport.  After getting through security, I went to a Starbucks in the airport, and purchased just a “tall” house blend.
     One Cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee – On my connection flight down to Louisiana, I decided to give Delta Airlines’ in-flight coffee a try.  They serve Seattle’s Best Coffee, and the coffee was definitively piping hot.
     Community Coffee Dark Roast – This coffee was provided by the hotel we stayed at for the wedding.  Being that the wedding was in Louisiana, it makes sense that Community Coffee was provided, because Community Coffee Company is based in Louisiana.

Video Games Played in August
     Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Mrs. Coffee and I borrowed/traded this game from our neighbors, because I knew it had cooperative play.  If you don’t know, Mrs. Coffee and I have played through New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns together, so I figured we could give Kirby’s Epic Yarn a try.  We finished the game’s “main” campaign on August 11 together, but I haven’t played the game since.  Mrs. Coffee has been playing her own game file on a regular basis though, attempting to unlock everything in the game.  I enjoyed our play-time together in the game, but the game is relatively short, and not extremely challenging if you don’t try to unlock everything; though unlocking everything does require more time, and skill.
     New Super Mario Bros. Wii – While I mentioned just above that Mrs. Coffee and I have completed NSMBW and DKCR cooperatively, neither one of us finished the campaigns on our own.  Well, we started playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii with our neighbors in early August, and our objective is to complete the game with four players cooperatively.  So far, we have made it through World 1, and are now at the half-way point in World 2.  Four player Mario madness is a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to continuing our adventure in the near future.
     Rage of the Gladiator (WiiWare) – I attempted to accomplish a “Rank S” on a certain boss battle in Challenge Mode, for a YouTube user that asked me if I could assist him with a video.  Unfortunately, I haven’t accomplished the Rank S while recording game-play footage yet.
     Super Mario Bros. (Virtual Console) – I have found myself playing this in short, quick, spells.  Being that the game has “shortcuts”, I can get to World 8 quickly, but World 8-2 has a few jumps that get me, and if I reach the final castle as little Mario, I have issues “defeating” Bowser.
     Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Keith from sent me Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune a few months back, but I delayed playing it because of my backlog of games.  I started playing it in July, and I have enjoyed my time with the game so far.  A huge thanks to Keith again for the game, and if you like FPS/action games, make sure to check out his blog,
     Medal of Honor: Vanguard – I have used the online video game trading service several times, and Medal of Honor: Vanguard was the last game I received from the service.  I’m working my way through the single-player campaign slowly, and I was actually surprised to see the game offers 4-player local splitscreen multi-player, though I haven’t tried it yet.

Filtered Thoughts
     In total, I consumed eight different coffee blends in August, not counting one iced “coffee” drink, and played six different video games.
     While Kirby’s Epic Yarn was the only game I completed in August, it wasn’t on my video game backlog, so I can’t take it off the list.  As for the iced “coffee” drink, it was something Mrs. Coffee and I had not purchased in many years, basically since moving to North Carolina; more on the iced “coffee” drink later though!

     What coffee blends, or other beverages, did you find yourself consuming a lot of, and what games did you yourself playing in August?  Any recommendations, or warnings?

June Brewed – Coffees Consumed, Games Played

July 3, 2011

Coffee Beans:
     June is over?  Really?  E3 has come and gone, and now we know a little bit about Nintendo’s next console, the Wii U, though I really haven’t expressed my thoughts about the system in a written piece here on the site…perhaps this month?

     July is here, and it’s going to be crazy busy(more on that later), so let’s take a quick look at the games I played in June, and the coffees I consumed.

Coffees Consumed in June:
     Maxwell House Breakfast Blend (Mild) – This big container lasted until about mid-June and it has been one of the more regular Maxwell House coffee blends Mrs. Coffee has bought us in recent months.  We enjoy it, as I enjoy most of the coffee blends she purchases us.
     New England Coffee Colombian Supremo Blend – This “surprise” coffee purchase has survived a few months, and I have a little left as of the beginning of July.
     Two Cups of Chick-Fil-A coffee – Some of you may be thinking, “Coffee, if you work where you can get coffee daily, why didn’t you consume more of it?”  Well, the main reason I didn’t drink more coffee at work is because it’s been HOT outside!  While I enjoy drinking coffee, I enjoy drinking coffee while it’s hot.  So, while at work, I stick more with the Chick-Fil-A lemonade, and when I get home in the evening, I brew up a pot of my own coffee.
     Folgers House Blend (Medium Roast) – Folgers?!  Yea, that’s right, Mrs. Coffee actually bought another big container of Folgers coffee in June.  We still have about half the container left, and I have been enjoying it.  I can’t remember the last time Mrs. Coffee purchased us a container of Folgers coffee, but I guess she decided it was time to give them another go…and perhaps the price was also a factor.
     Seattle’s Best Coffee Organic House Blend – This was another “surprise” coffee purchase for me.  I’ve been enjoying it, and though it’s a smaller bag, it did last through June.

Games Played in June:
     Monster Hunter Tri – I made good progress in Monster Hunter Tri in May, and I thought that June was starting off with only one quest left in the game until I “completed” the single-player campaign.  Well, I was wrong.  I still have about three more quests, and a big thanks to my friends from no I didn’t burn it!) for informing me of what quests to finish.  Here’s hoping I’ll finish Monster Hunter Tri in July…but July is going to be a crazy month(I think this is twice I’ve said it now)!
    Greg Hastings Paintball 2 (PS3) –  Majesco had been kind enough to send me a “review” copy of Greg Hastings Paintball 2 on the Wii last September, and when the game just released on the PlayStation Network, Majesco’s PR firm was able to provide me with a “review” code for the game, and I already provided some coverage of the game HERE.  The PS3 version plays basically the exact same as the Wii version, though the graphics are definitely crisper overall, and there is at least one graphical effect the PS3 game has that I’ve noticed, that the Wii version didn’t(more on this later).
     GoldenEye 007 (Wii) – If you missed my GoldenEye 007 controls post/video, it’s the post directly underneath this one…or right HERE.  While I recorded some footage of the single-player campaign for the video, I did play several matches in online multi-player, and even played some matches this afternoon(first game for July).

     While I drank more coffees in June, than I played video games, I’m hoping to start playing games more often; starting this month!
     I failed to finish any game from my backlog list, though I made some progress in Monster Hunter Tri.  It really is a beast of a game, and well worth the $30 asking price if you’re interested in it.

     Anyway, what games did you play in June, and coffees(or other beverages) did you find yourself drinking?

>May Brewed – Coffees Consumed, Games Played

June 2, 2011


Coffee Beans:
     May was an interesting month for me.  Being that I had finished up school(and am out for the summer), I started looking for summer work.  I was hoping that whatever job I got might turn into a good part-time job when school starts back, but wasn’t sure how quickly something would happen in this job market.  I ended up landing a job at Chick-Fil-A, and have been gainfully employed for about the last 3 weeks.  My first day of training I tried the coffee, and I also had it my second day, though I forgot to add it to my “Coffees Consumed” for May.
     So, with a new job and my same spastic nightly schedule, what coffees did I consume and games did I play during May?  Let’s take a look!

Coffees Consumed in May:
     Maxwell House Original Roast (Medium) – This was purchased in mid-April, and I actually just tossed out the container today.  Like most of the Maxwell coffee blends we drink, I think it has a good solid flavor.
     New England Coffee Colombian Supremo Blend – If you missed my “April Brewed” post, I mentioned in that post that this coffee blend was a “surprise” purchase by Mrs. Coffee for me.  I have about 1/3 of the bag left, so I will probably finish it off this month(June).  While I commented about this coffee blend’s different smell, I forgot to mention that it is listed as a “100% Arabica Coffee” blend on the package, so I’m not sure what it is with the smell.
     Maxwell House Breakfast Blend (Mild) – This coffee was purchased in the middle of May, kind of like the Original Roast was in April.  Mrs. Coffee enjoys the breakfast blend, but she can’t have a lot of it right now, because of the Little Bean that is due within about a month’s time.  I think it has a nice flavor though, sort of what I mentioned about the Maxwell House Original Roast blend.
     Caribou Coffee Reindeer Blend (Medium-Dark Roast) – 5 months.  If somebody had told me a Christmas gift of coffee would last 5 months, I probably would have thought to myself, “Not in this HOUSE!”, but this one lasted through May.  I ground up the last few beans with our son just in the last week, and brewed up a pot of 6 cups early one evening.
     Chick-Fil-A Coffee (Medium Roast) – This coffee is a “100% Colombian Coffee”, and its description says it is, “…a sweet, rich, flavorful taste with a smooth finish.”  Chick-Fil-A’s coffee blend is pretty easy to drink, and I didn’t see any need for cream/sugar in it(though I rarely do), and the cows may approve it more since it was consumed black with no need of a cow-byproduct; so I agree with the “smooth finish”.  While I only had two cups, I’m sure there will be more in my future.  I gotta say though, Chick-Fil-A’s Lemonade is super awesome!

Video Games Played in May:
     Monster Hunter Tri – The monster of a game that I still haven’t finished!  While I have not completed the game’s single-player campaign yet, I did play a good bit online in May, and I put a good number of hours in the single-player campaign doing quests just to level up my armor/weapon.  As of now, I have one more quest to complete, and the single-player campaign will be “finished”.  Will it happen in June?  I will keep you all posted on it!  If you missed my Monster Hunter Tri post from last week, you can watch two monster hunt videos from the game that I uploaded, HERE.
     GoldenEye 007 – I hopped online a few nights during May, and even got some play-time with Robert.  I uploaded and did a post about one multi-player match in early May, and you can watch it HERE.  You can watch another multi-player match from later in the month, HERE.  I still find the Team Conflict matches a lot of fun in GoldenEye 007, and I may be looking at putting together a “GoldenEye Game Night” in the near future.
     Rage of the Gladiator – If you missed it, I started a new feature on CoffeeWithGames in May called “WiiWare Wednesday“.  Rage of the Gladiator was the first game I covered for the feature, and you can read the post, and watch the video about it, HERE.  I started playing Rage of the Gladiator with Wii MotionPlus controls in April, and though the Wii MotionPlus controls are a little slower, they work well with how they are implemented because they encourage less flailing.

     Another month has passed, and I didn’t complete any game from my backlogged list, though I am about to finish the biggest time-consuming game probably on my backlogged list.  Once I finish Monster Hunter Tri’s single-player campaign, I may work on a “schedule” to go through with the rest of the games, and hopefully that will speed things along.
     As for the coffees I consumed, I enjoyed all the blends I tried.  I have seen some interesting “extras” added to coffees in the last 3 weeks, and I may branch out and give some of the “extras” a try, and report back on how they turn out.

     What coffees(or other beverages) and games did you find yourself drinking/playing in May?