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FPS Saturday! Black Ops II Wii U multiplayer match.

March 17, 2013

Coffee Beans
Last week, in the “FPS Friday!” post, I wrote about one reason I find Call of Duty’s multiplayer addicting. I said, “…one big reason I often find myself staying for ‘just one more battle’, is how close some of the battles are.”

The video below is of a Black Ops II multiplayer match, on the Raid map. You can see how my team was behind basically the entire match. We were losing by 17 points at one moment in the match , 17 points, but we kept on battling.

Here’s the battle:

I have never been a fan of quitting games, just because I’m losing. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I quit a match just because I (or, we) were getting dominated by the other team. This video, with last week’s video, I think shows some good reasons why you should never quit in the middle of a multiplayer match if you’re losing, whether that’s in Call of Duty: Black Ops II or any other FPS game.

Also, if you aren’t aware of it, Black Ops II on the Wii U (not sure about the other versions) is currently have a Double XP weekend in the Multi-Team mode. I haven’t tried it out just yet, but I did play some regular Team Deathmatch battles last night. If you own a Wii U and have been playing Black Ops II my Nintendo Network ID is Coffees.

Do you ever quit in the middle of a multiplayer match, just because you’re losing and it doesn’t look like your chances of winning are very good? Or, do you stick it out and hope for the best, even if the best doesn’t look like it will be a “win” at the end?

You can purchase Black Ops II from below:

FPS Friday! Call of Duty: Black Ops II Team Deathmatch Battle

February 22, 2013
Fire. Burning. The sensation of my eyes from no sleep, but lots of coffee with games?!

Coffee Beans
I have been playing a lot of Black Ops II on the Wii U. A whole lot. Probably too much. Who needs sleep though, when you can play online multiplayer through the night? Not this guy, that’s for sure. I just put on the coffee, and burn through the nights.

I just reached Level 55 (again) earlier this morning, and am debating on starting it all over, for what I believe would be my third time. I usually use Black Ops II’s default Wii U GamePad controls, and play it on just the GamePad (Off-TV play), until the battery starts running low in the GamePad, then I’ll switch over to Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls.

I have been testing my new Elgato Game Capture HD recording device recently, and you can see one of my Team Deathmatch battles from Black Ops II on the Wii U in the video below:

If any of you have a Wii U, as I have stated in a few posts before, feel free to add my Nintendo Network ID, Coffees, to your Wii U friend list.

Have any of you been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the Wii U, and really enjoy the game’s Off-TV play with just the GamePad?

You can buy an Elgato Game Capture HD device and Black Ops II from the links on below:

November Brewed – Coffees consumed, games played, & a Wii U game finished!

December 8, 2012

Coffee Beans
November is gone, and with it millions of turkeys. (For a few of those missing millions, start HERE.) If you had a busy November, here are a few posts you may have missed:
     1) Halloween candy laced with the t-Virus making people zombies? Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Data Report
     2) Vote? Don’t vote? Gamers vote? Everybody votes? Did you vote? Everybody Votes Channel Data Report
     3) Nintendo’s U.S. Wii U TV advertising. Marketing genius, or marketing failure?
     4) Call of Duty? Conduit? GoldenEye? Metroid? What is the most played FPS Wii game in the U.S.?
     5) Caffeinated Thoughts on the Wii U

While I didn’t post as much in November as recent months, I did get a good bit of gaming done and drank lot of coffee during the month. What coffees did I consume, and which Wii U game did I complete? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look!

Coffees Consumed
We finished using the Gevalia Espresso Roast very early in November, and enjoyed it while it lasted. November then consisted of us using our coffee grinder a good bit. We ground up some of the Kona Blend Coffee that was another birthday gift to me back in October, from my brother and his family. We have enjoyed the Kona Blend and have enough to last us a little while longer, if we start grinding it up. We finished the month of November using the Maxwell House Master Blend coffee and the Maxwell House Original Roast coffee; both the 200+ coffee cup containers.

Games Played
The skimmer list for games played in November is: Rage of the Gladiator (iOS and WiiWare), Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Bros. 3, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Mutant Mudds, Max & the Magic Marker, Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Trine 2, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Rage of the Gladiator – If you don’t know, Rage of the Gladiator is now available for your iOS devices and soon to be Android devices as well. The game has a price of just $2.99, and has all of the WiiWare content/bosses included, with some improvements. The game was ported over by a different developer though, Gamelion, while Ghostfire Games remained involved in the process. Ed, from Ghostfire Games, contacted me over the summer and asked if I would be interested in helping test it out, and help some on the community front. Gamelion seems to be very active on the developer community front though, so I was able to more of less help out with the testing of it, and see how it progressed through development.
Mario Kart Wii – Bean 1 randomly requested this one I think in October, and he kept playing it early in November. He has now graduated to Mario Kart DS though, since our New Super Mario Bros. DS cartridge randomly freezes in levels now; which results in a very sad Bean and me randomly finding the game cartridge shoved under his door.
Super Mario Bros. 3 – This was another one Bean 1 and I randomly played early in the month, but not very much of it.
BIT.TRIP RUNNERI. SURVIVED. THE GAUNTLET! So, I started this from Mrs. Coffee’s gift from my birthday, the BIT.TRIP COMPLETE set, and I am in the third world so far (I think the last as well). I’m really enjoying my time with the game, and it is definitely challenging. I can see why some people might not like these type of games, due to the difficulty, but when everything flows together so well, it really is a great experience.
Mutant Mudds – Could I complete the main levels before IncompleteGaming? It wasn’t meant to be! But, I am still enjoying my time with Mutant Mudds, and find myself randomly trying to beat the levels from time-to-time, sometimes with Bean 1 watching. Other times, I’ll be voluntold by him to play the game; even if it’s a delay tactic right before he goes to bed, sometimes I’ll play a level a few times trying to beat it.
Max & the Magic Marker – This was one I hadn’t played in a long while, but Bean 1 found it on our Wii’s SD card and fired it up one day. I showed him a few things in the game, and he actually got the hang of drawing/erasing pretty quickly, and was soon off running around the level having fun. I didn’t play it much, but it did make me hope that we get a Max & the Magic Marker HD sequel on the Wii U now. Not only could the game still support Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls, but I think using the GamePad to draw in the game would work very well also.
LittleBigPlanet – This is another game, like Super Mario Bros. 3, that I find myself playing most often with Bean 1 watching and/or being voluntold by him to beat a level in it. We have made pretty good progress in the game, but Bean 1 has discovered how to find the user created levels, and watching him run around in the Nintendo-Mario themed levels is a lot of fun, and some of them are incredibly well designed.
Fat Princess – This is a demo I had downloaded on our PS3 for a long time, but never played it. Bean 1 randomly requested I give the game a try one night, so I did having no clue what to expect. After not winning the first night, and just running around the battle losing, I turned it off defeated. After figuring out what to do the second night, winning became a lot more achievable, and I can see why this game was pretty popular when it first released. If you haven’t played Fat Princess, you should be able to still find a demo for it on the PSN store, and give it a try.

Nintendo Land – I briefly talked about my time with Nintendo Land in my Caffeinated Thoughts on the Wii U piece, and I have since played it a bit more. I actually put more time into Metroid Blast and The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest. I am really enjoying Metroid Blast, and The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest is surprisingly better than I was expecting using the GamePad controls. Bean 1 and I completed one of the Battle Quest missions together, with me using the Wii Remote+ and him using the GamePad. So, while he figured out the GamePad controls I was able to swing away and help keep us going for a bit. It was actually a lot of fun, and we completed the mission we did together.
ZombiU – This is the Wii U game I completed in November. It kept me coming back to it, night after night. If you can go into ZombiU not expecting it to be perfect, but expecting a different experience, I think you will enjoy it. Go in thinking survival horror, even with a sense of survival terror thrown in; and don’t go in thinking you will be burning down rows-after-rows of zombies with guns, and don’t think your melee weapon will be wielded like a lightsaber (for SHAME!) delivering you up 1,000 hit combos. I really don’t understand the mindset of some of the early reviewers on ZombiU, complaining about things like the melee combat in the game, since the melee combat is one of the very things that helps deliver the mood of the game. It’s as if the “reviewers” were expecting a guns-a-blazing game, grabbed the wrong game and perhaps realized they got ZombiU only after getting home. Reading some of the reviews appears they were expecting to get Resident Evil 5 or 6 action based game instead; I just don’t know. Also, many of the early reviews have incorrect information (entire paragraphs in some), and leave out alternate, relative, information (if you tell me the game has “Low” replay value, but fail to tell me if you beat it, how many hours it took you, or how many survivors, I can’t really judge much on the replay value). One even complained about scanning with the GamePad via motion controls, but FAILED to mention an alternative default control option for doing the same exact action in the game.
Trine 2Is this The Princess Bride of video games? It’s told via storybook like the movie was, and the game definitely has a good assortment of characters from the start. The sense of humor in the writing is there so far, and the way the characters interact with each through dialogue randomly as you progress is a nice touch as well. Have I said how incredible the game looks? I really hope that NSMBU looks this good, or there might be a “Caffeinated Thoughts! Nintendo is LAZY!” post incoming. I actually now pretty much use only the GamePad when I’m playing Trine 2, not even looking at the TV. Perhaps once we get a new HD TV, that will be remedied? The GamePad play is really great though, and very convenient for lounge playing late at night on the couch. I haven’t tried the online yet, but Bean 1 and I did complete the first section together, and I have since made pretty good progress in the game (I think), playing through about one section each night this last week. If any of you have Trine 2 on the Wii U and want to play it online, feel free to add my NNID to your Wii U friend list: Coffees.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – That’s right. The future is black coffee, and Black Ops 2. I have been playing Black Ops 2 on the Wii U, though most of my time with it in November was the very last night of the month. I have played a bit of the single-player campaign and the multiplayer, and the streaming of the game to the GamePad is done very well. Now, I will say for some reason the game doesn’t use up the entire GamePad screen display when it streams to it. I’m not sure why it displays the way it does, but it works very well nonetheless, and I found myself using the GamePad streaming feature quite often my first night with the game.

Did any of you get a Wii U in November, and if so, what games have you been enjoying on it? If you didn’t get a Wii U, but have been gaming in general, are there any games you would recommend that you played during the month?

Again, if you missed my “Caffeinated Thoughts on the Wii U” piece, my Wii U ID is Coffees, and feel free to add that to your Wii U friend list, and I’ll add you back!

As always, if you have any questions about the coffees I consumed or games I played during the month, feel free to leave a question below or send me an email to: Scott(@)

Wii U – Caffeinated Predictions, Thoughts, & Wishes

September 12, 2012

Coffee Beans
Nintendo of America will be holding its Wii U press conference tomorrow, September 13th. Nintendo is set to detail the Wii U’s release date, price, services for it, and probably even more Wii U launch games that haven’t been offiically announced yet.

What are some of my predictions, thoughts, and wishes for what we will see tomorrow from the Wii U conference? Start brewing yourself a pot of coffee (you may need a second pot by the time you finish), and let’s take a look!

Caffeinated Predictions, Thoughts, & Wishes
I believe the Wii U will release before November 13th. Why November 13th? It has all to do with what will probably be the biggest video game of the 2012 holiday season: Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Official looking?

While Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has not been officially confirmed for the Wii U (not even sure about the Wii), I personally believe Nintendo has worked with Activision and Treyarch, “keeping the lid” on the game’s announcement until the Wii U’s press conference on Thursday. With all the advertising Nintendo should be doing for the Wii U this the holiday season, and with all the advertising Activision will be doing for Black Ops 2, I think having the biggest video game of the 2012 holiday season available for the Wii U day one, can only see as a positive for the system.

I don’t think Nintendo would want Black Ops 2 out before the Wii U console is available, especially considering Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will most likely will be the biggest game of 2012 (in terms of early release sales numbers and units sold over the holidays). Also, getting the Wii U out before Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 would probably allow Nintendo to have its online service tested pretty well (load testing anybody?), because the game is geared toward online multiplayer.

Sniping on the GamePad in multiplayer? Probably in the single-player campaign.

Black Ops 2 will be releasing on November 13th, which is a Tuesday, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Nintendo has a history in North America of releasing consoles on Sundays, and I believe November 11th is the latest date that the Wii U console will release.

Going out on a limb here from some “investigative work” tonight, I’m going to predict Nintendo will release the Wii U on October 28, 2012 in North America. Also, this allows them to release it before the presidential election in the U.S., which could affect some of their potential buyers’ decisions going into the holiday season.

Now that I have my Wii U console release date prediction out, here is a list of some of my wishes for the Wii U console that I hope Nintendo addresses/confirms at the conference tomorrow:

  • A Wii U console price of $249.99, with the GamePad included. No game necessary.
  • Confirm 100% all Wii Virtual Console and WiiWare purchases will transfer (or not) to the Wii U console.
  • Address the Wii U GamePad’s streaming capabilities. Name which Wii U launch games will be able to use the Wii U GamePad for campaigns, and not just multiplayer features and minigames. Having Virtual Console, WiiWare, or at the very least all new eShop Wii U games being able to be streamed to the GamePad for play would be awesome, and a very big selling point for me.
  • Release more specific information about the Wii U GamePad, such as how far it will properly function away from the system, how long will a full battery charge last with the screen being used, can it be used for in-game voice chat (assuming yes, but never know)? Also, how much will an extra Wii U GamePad cost?
  • Address the unfriendly “friend code” system. Will the Wii U console be a continuation of the 3DS, where it is one “friend code” per system? Or, will it be an account based type system tied to perhaps your Club Nintendo account, with possibly even more than one gamer account per Wii U console?
  • Confirm the Wii U will maintain the Nintendo Channel functionality of the Wii, with it displaying the hours Wii U owners spend playing their games.
  • I do wish that they will confirm New Super Mario Bros. Wii U has online functionality of some sort, either cooperative multiplayer through the campaign which could be incredible, or even some smaller online mode outside of the main campaign (not holding my breath on this one).
  • Address things like whether Wii U games will have the “accomplishments” that some 3DS games have.
One last semi-caffeinated prediction, and going out on a limb here again, I’m predicting that Wave Race Wii U will be announced as a launch title for the system. Why? Nintendo released Wave Race for the Nintendo 64, helping display the systems graphical capabilities, and they did the same for the GameCube. Being that the Wii U is the first HD console for Nintendo, I’m just guessing they will really want to “Wow!” the gamers that love HD graphics, and I think water effects in HD are probably a great way to do it. Wave Race Wii U will have online multiplayer and leaderboards, much like the Mario Kart Wii and 3DS games.
Do any of you agree, or perhaps disagree, with my predictions and points above? Do you think my October 28th Wii U release date prediction is too early? What about Wave Race Wii U?

Is there anything that you must hear, or see, from Nintendo’s Wii U conference on Thursday before you commit to buying one? Is there a price that would put the Wii U console out of your range, assuming $350 is the highest they will go?

Black Ops 2 Wii U is Happening.

June 18, 2012

Coffee Beans
     Call of Duty: Black Ops II for the Xbox 360 was shown at E3 this year during Microsoft’s press conference, and a portable version was talked about for the PS Vita during Sony’s press conference.

     What did Nintendo have to say/show about Black Ops 2 on the Wii, Wii U, or even the 3DS during their 2012 E3 press conference, and during E3 in general? Nothing.

     Does this mean that Call of Duty: Black Ops II won’t be releasing for the Wii U? No, and I believe there is more than enough evidence that shows Black Ops 2 will release on the Wii U in the launch window, and it will also offer some great use of the Wii U’s GamePad for controls.

     So, with the current official release date for Black Ops 2 being 11-13-12, November 13th, what is this “evidence” for Black Ops 2 releasing on the Wii U, probably as a launch title, later this year? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look!

The Brewed Evidence
     When the Wii released in 2006, Call of Duty 3 was one of the many launch games for the system. The game was developed by Treyarch, and published by Activision. While it did not feature online multiplayer, or offline, Treyarch seemed to get the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls implemented pretty well, considering it was a Wii launch title.
     In 2007, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, but the game was not released for the Wii. Why? Modern Warfare was originally developed by Infinity Ward, and not Treyarch. Infinity Ward chose not to develop a Wii version, so Wii owners did not have a Call of Duty title in 2007.

The evidence was first brewed in 2006, and has been pouring out since.

     Call of Duty: World at War was released on November 11, 2008 for the Wii, and the other consoles. The PS3 and 360 versions featured cooperative play and introduced the Nazi-zombies mode, and while the Wii version lacked those features, World at War Wii did introduce online multiplayer for up to 8 players.

     Fast-forward to November 2009, and while PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 gamers were able to purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Wii owners were not. Wii owners would finally have the chance to purchase the original critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare though, now titled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex which was ported to the Wii by a small team at Treyarch.

     On November 9, 2010, Call of Duty: Black Ops released for the Nintendo Wii. Black Ops was developed by Treyarch and released for all the home consoles on that very same day.
     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released on November 8, 2011 and was developed with Infinity Ward leading development for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions, as well as Sledgehammer Games and a few other developers helping with development. At the same time the “HD” console versions were being developed, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was being ported to the Wii by a team at Treyarch, and released on November 8, 2011 for the Wii along with the other console versions.

Caffeinated Thoughts
     So, what do all the Call of Duty games have in common that were released for the Wii? The common connection is the key piece of evidence as to why I think Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be on the Wii U this holiday season, and probably offer some of the best uses of the Wii U’s GamePad for a FPS title as well.
     The key piece of evidence and common connection is Treyarch. Treyarch has proven to be a very capable developer on the Wii, not only by getting the Call of Duty games to the console, but by improving the series with almost every new Call of Duty game released. World at War had the first online multiplayer for the series, and Black Ops introduced the Nazi-zombies mode online. Voice chat is now standard for the newer Call of Duty Wii games, as are fully customizable control settings.

Here’s hoping Treyarch has Wii U GamePad controls, and
Wii Remote & Nunchuk controls as options in Black Ops 2.

     Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is being developed by Treyarch, and knowing the history that Treyarch has with developing all the Call of Duty games for the Wii, starting with Call of Duty 3 being a Wii launch title, I believe Call of Duty: Black Ops II is happening for the Wii U.
     I will be looking for Nintendo and Activision to confirm this before the Wii U launches though, because if the Wii U does not get the next title from the biggest FPS series in gaming right now, that would be very concerning to me for the Wii U moving forward.
     Personally though, if Black Ops 2 is announced for the Wii U, it would probably become an instant day one purchase for me if online multiplayer is confirmed, because I appreciate the work Treyarch has done getting the Call of Duty games on the Wii, and making them not just run well, but also making them a lot of fun.

*UPDATE: A reader on, majestik12, commented on this story linked there, asking why some comments from Treyarch weren’t mentioned in this piece. While the only comments from Activision and Treyarch I had seen “officially” on Black Ops II Wii U are the typical PR, “We don’t have anything to say about that.” lines when questioned about the game.
     Majestik12 also mentioned a magazine scan from a Nintendo related magazine that was leaked just over a week ago now that “confirms”, at least until the magazine copy is released and it’s either proven real, or proven real fake, that Black Ops II will be releasing for the Wii U this November. You can see the scan and story on it HERE. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Heading For Wii U.

     Agree, or disagree? Do you think that based on Treyarch’s history with the Call of Duty games on the Wii, that Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be in the launch window for the Wii U?
     If Nintendo were to somehow fail in getting Black Ops II on the Wii U, would that make you concerned for future third party support of the Wii U console?

You can see the Call of Duty Wii games on below, as well as Black Ops 2 for the PS3 and 360 which you can pre-order. If a Wii U listing shows up, I’ll try and remember to add it below as well: