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Coffee Shop! Kirby deals, 50% off used games, and Wii U deals!

April 25, 2013

Coffee Beans
If you didn’t see it, I posted up the official Nintendo Channel data for Kirby’s Adventure, here! While putting that report together, I was looking at Kirby games on, and found a few that were discounted pretty significantly.

I also received an email reminder this morning about a 50% off used video games sale that is still happening, and will be through this Sunday.

If you’re interested in a few Kirby game deals, a 50% off used games sale, and some Wii U game deals, hit the jump to see what the deals are!

The Brew
First up, the Kirby video game deals!

Kirby Mass Attack is on sale for $12.72 directly from, or $11.98 from a vendor fulfilled by Amazon. Both are eligible for’s free shipping for orders over $25, as well as free shipping if you’re an Prime member. The game currently has a customer review score average of 92.50%, based on 88 reviews from
Kirby’s Epic Yarn, the Wii’s first retail Kirby game, is currently on sale directly from for only $10.00! It is eligible for free shipping on orders over $25, and also if you’re an Prime member. Make sure to check the sidebar on its page, under the “More Buying Choices” to see the option to buy it directly from Amazon. This game’s current customer review score average is 90.45%, based on 264 reviews from If you’re wondering how many hours you can expect from Kirby’s Epic Yarn, according to the Nintendo Channel data report from 2011, you should expect around 20 hours of game-play. Mrs. Coffee and I played through this one together, and we enjoyed it. With how much Bean 1 is enjoying Kirby’s Adventure, we may end up adding it to our collection!

Yes? No? Maybe so?

What about the save 50% off used video games deal? It’s HERE. GameStop is running the promotion online (assuming the games are available), and in GameStop stores around the country. Now, you may be thinking, “I bet the games are all junk!” Well, I went and fished through some of the games they have, and the following games could all be purchased for less than $5 (each, of course!).

Boom Blox, Cursed Mountain, Dragon Age Origins, Geometry Wars: Galaxies, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, Kinect Adventures, Lair, Prince of Persia: Rival Swords, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Red Steel 2, Resistance 2, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure.

If you have been interested in Red Steel 2, but don’t own it, I think if you can get the game for only $5, it would be a good investment. It would allow you to finally try out the Wii MotionPlus controls you probably have heard so much about, and should give you around 10 hours of game-play.

If you’re a Wii U owner, here are a few Wii U game deals you might be interested in…

Assassins Creed III can be grabbed from right now for just $29.99, which is a 50% savings off its MSRP. I just recently finished the single-player campaign in it, and overall I enjoyed my time with the game. If you’re enjoy completing games 100% before moving to the next, Assassin’s Creed III offers you a lot of game-play, and is easily worth its asking price of $29.99. (It’s also on sale for $29.99 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 right now as well!)

Have you played the world’s #1 dance game brand series? If not, now is a good time to grab the latest in the Just Dance series. Just Dance 4 on the Wii U is currently on sale for just $29.99 from, which is a 40% discount from its Wii U MSRP of $49.99.

We don’t own a 3DS in our house, but I have heard a lot of good about Resident Evil: Revelations for it from user reviews. If you don’t know, Capcom is porting Revelations to the Wii U, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game currently has a MSRP of $49.99, but you can pre-order the Wii U version of Resident Evil: Revelations for just $39.99 on A 20% savings on a Wii U game not yet released, isn’t too shabby!

If you have been interested in one the Skylanders games, currently has the Skylanders Giant Starter Kit on sale for just $59.96, which is a 20% discount from its MSRP of $74.99.
I haven’t played the Skylanders games, but I have done two data reports on the first game in the series. The reported game-play hours “Per person” were really good, and I do like the idea behind the game(s) a lot.

While you may enjoy shopping for online game deals at various sites, or even going out to physical retail stores to shop for game deals, let’s not forget about the Wii U eShop deals!
Right now, there are two Wii U eShop games that are discounted, and one I can recommend. from my own time with the game.
The first one is Trine 2: Director’s Cut. Trine 2 is currently on sale for just $9.99, which is a 50% discount from its normal price of $19.99. I own the game on the Wii U, and if you are looking for puzzle-platforming type game, I suggest you download it before the sale ends next week! There is a demo for Trine 2 on the eShop, so you can even give it a try before you buy it. I have played the game more than 40 hours since November, and have really enjoyed my time with the game.
The other Wii U eShop game on sale is Puddle. It’s currently on sale for $7.49, which is about a 6% discount from its normal price. While Trine 2 has a playable demo available for you to try, unfortunately Puddle doesn’t have a playable demo up yet.
If you aren’t familiar with either Puddle or Trine 2, I have included their Wii U eShop trailers below:

Have any of you played any of these games? If so, feel free to leave a comment and feedback on if you would recommend them at their current asking prices shown above.

Also, if there are any other current game deals you have seen that you think are good, feel free to leave what game and where the deal is in the comments below!

Kirby’s Adventure! How much has it been played? Official U.S. Nintendo Channel data report. (Wii Virtual Console)

April 24, 2013

Coffee Beans
Kirby’s Adventure was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System on May 1, 1993 (almost 20 years ago!). The game was re-released through the Wii’s Virtual Console service on February 12, 2007 for 500 Wii Points ($5), and just last week Kirby’s Adventure was released for the Wii U’s Virtual Console service on April 17th. You can currently buy Kirby’s Adventure on the Wii U’s Virtual Console, at an incredible introductory price of only 30 cents!

For parents (and gamers) wondering if Kirby’s Adventure is appropriate for younger ages, the game has an ESRB rating of “EVERYONE” with “Comic Mischief” listed as content to be aware of.

If you own a Wii or Wii U and haven’t played Kirby’s Adventure, how many hours can you expect from the game? How many U.S. Wii owners have game-play data reported for the game through the Nintendo Channel? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look at the official U.S. Nintendo Channel data for the game!

How many hours have you played?

The Brew
Kirby’s Adventure now has approximately 182,222 U.S. Wii owners that have game-play data reported through the Wii’s Nintendo Channel, with 2,261 days possibly reported. This is an increase of about 36,864 more players with data reported, since we first looked at the game a few years back.

The game now has 1,114,778 Total Hours of game-play reported, which is an increase of 372,160 Total Hours since June 2010. The average hours now reported of 6 Hours 7 Minutes “Per person”, is an 1 Hour 1 Minute increase since 2010. Wii owners are spending just over 35 minutes playing Kirby’s Adventure each time reported played, according to this reported data.

While Kirby’s Adventure for the Wii’s Virtual Console doesn’t have a “professional” review score average on or, it does have a good number of customer reviews already on the Wii U. Kirby’s Adventure on the Wii U currently has a 90% review score average, based on 190 customer reviews from the Wii U’s eShop page for the game.

How much has Kirby’s Adventure’s Wii Virtual Console release made Nintendo, just in the United States? Kirby’s Adventure’s U.S. Virtual Console release has made Nintendo just over $900,000, according to the approximate number of U.S. Wii owners with data reported and the game’s $5 price point.

Caffeinated Thoughts
Have I played Kirby’s Adventure? Yes! When Nintendo released it last week for the Wii U’s Virtual Console for 30 cents, I downloaded it. Not only have I played it, but Bean 1 has been playing it and really enjoying it as well.

Is Bean 1 any good at the game though? Well, you can judge for yourself and watch the video below of recorded game-play footage of him playing the game. Remember, he’s not even half a decade old!

As for our hours with the game, we have already blown past the average reported for the Wii version, and are already over 10 hours in just the last week. I really enjoy the enemy copy feature, and think the enemies (especially the bosses) are really well done from what I have played so far.

For comparison, the Wii Virtual Console release of Kirby’s Adventure has a higher average reported “Per person” than the Wii retail released game Deadly Creatures, and a higher average “Per person” than the Wii Virtual Console release of Wave Race 64So, you should probably easily expect at least 6 hours of game-play from Kirby’s Adventure if you have never played it before, and I think it’s well worth its asking price of only $5 on the Wii, or currently 30 cents on the Wii U.

If you have young children that enjoy playing games, based on how much Bean 1 has played it, I would say it’s a safe choice for younger children as well. As a side note, we have both played the majority of our time with the game on just the Wii U GamePad (Bean 2 is usually strolling around with a cartoon playing on Netflix).

If you own a Wii U and hop on the eShop to grab Kirby’s Adventure for only 30 cents, make sure to check out some of the other Wii U eShop games as well! Personally, I would suggest grabbing Trine 2: Director’s Cut while it’s currently on sale for just $9.99, and if you’re up for another game with tough puzzles, Toki Tori 2 might also be a smart choice.

If you own a Wii U have you purchased and played Kirby’s Adventure in the last week, and if so, what do you think about the game if you had never played a Kirby game before?

If you’re a fan of Kirby games in general, do you have a favorite game from the series?

You can buy a few Kirby related items below (Bean 1 is getting that plush!):

Wii U update(s). Five things to be fixed, or improved, but not yet mentioned by Nintendo.

April 17, 2013

Coffee Beans
Nintendo is set to release the first big Wii U system update next week, with a second big system update planned for the summer.

What will this first Wii U system update fix? Well, Nintendo released a video in March showing the update should improve loading times when exiting from Wii U games to the system’s main menu.

Other than improving Wii U loading times though, Mr. Iwata just addressed some other features that the Wii U’s “Spring System Update” will address when it releases next week. In a Nintendo Direct this morning (April 17th), these are some of the features said to be addressed with the update:
1) Adds ability to copy/move data between two USB HDDs.
2) Download and install software in the background, while playing games.
3) Download and install updates, even when the system is off.
4) Software updates can automatically start downloading, without having to start the game.
5) Holding the B button when turning the system on, will jump you straight to the Wii U’s Wii Mode channel.

Also, Mr. Iwata said the Wii U’s Virtual Console service will become available next week, the day after the system update. (I’m guessing next Thursday, April 18th for the Virtual Console, April 17th for the system update?)

While these five updates are nice, what are some things that I think should be patched to make the Wii U a better system overall? What are (at least) five things that Nintendo hasn’t mentioned the Wii U patch(es) will address, that I think could/should be? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look!

My Trine 2 Wii U data, so far…

The Brew
1) Sharing “Daily Log” Data – I could tell you that my Trine 2 “Play Time” is 49:20, and that I have “played” it 64 times. Or, I could show you my Trine 2 Wii U data like the image above. Nintendo doesn’t like the Nintendo Channel (and, several other Wii Channels they’re getting rid of), but does that mean I shouldn’t be able to post my recorded Wii U game-play data to Miiverse? Apparently, yes. While the Wii U tracks how many hours and times you play a game (or, use a particular application) in the Daily Log channel, you can’t post that information to Miiverse using the sytem’s photo capture option like some games offer. While I doubt Nintendo will introduce a Wii U Nintendo Channel like the Wii has (or, soon to be had), I think it would be nice if Wii U owners could post Daily Log images to Miiverse. It would allow Wii U owners to share their most played/used games and apps during a month, and if a game doesn’t provide the number of hours played on the save file, it could be a good way to get an idea of the average hours played for a game.

Possessive. Not descriptive.

2) Freezing – Winter is over, but my Wii U console is still freezing. Sure, it’s only occasionally, but even as I typed this, it was sitting frozen. I hopped on Assassin’s Creed III Monday morning to get my save file stats, and posted them to Miiverse. Upon attempting to exit Miiverse, my Wii U system froze, again. The Wii U system freezing up would not be such a big issue to me, IF the system functioned as it’s supposed to function when it freezes. It doesn’t though. Still having to unplug my Wii U console when it freezes is annoying (and slightly concerning), when I should be able to simply hold the “Power” button for a few seconds to fix the freezing problem instead. Mr. Iwata did not mention the Wii U freezing issue in the Nintendo Direct a few months back when he mentioned Nintendo was working on improving the loading speeds and he didn’t mention it in today’s Nintendo Direct, so I’m a little concerned that this issue might not be able to be patched. I really hope I’m wrong, for a number of reasons, but I just find it odd that Nintendo would wait until this patch (or the summer one) to make the Wii U function as it should have when it released.

Room for keyboard shortcuts?

3) Copy/paste/keyboard options – The 100 character limit posts in Miiverse might be tough to use sometimes when trying to answer a question, or post up some thoughts on a game. One thing that would make this limit not so bad though, would be a simple copy/paste option for text. Let’s say you type out your full Miiverse message, and the text gets grayed out that is over the 100 character limit, but you have an option to “copy” some of it. You would simply copy the text over the limit, and post a new comment pasting the additional text to it. I’m surprised the copy/paste option wasn’t in the Wii U’s original Miiverse OS, because it is an option in the Wii U’s Internet Browser. Speaking of the Wii U’s Internet Browser, a GamePad keyboard update that would be an improvement I think, would be adding a “.com” button to the Internet Browser keyboard. Sure, it’s only a few extra taps on the GamePad, but I think little things like a “.com” button, and perhaps some other keyboard shortcuts, would be appreciated.

Nintendo needs to copy/paste the Copy/Paste Browser buttons to Miiverse.

4) The “Energizer” disc drive – I mentioned back in November, in my “Caffeinated Thoughts on the Wii U” post, the freezing issue and the disc drive issue. The disc drive issue, like the freezing issue, still has not been addressed. If you don’t know, the Wii U’s disc drive is constantly is reading/spinning the game disc when one is in the system. It doesn’t matter if you are just using the Wii U for Netflix, Amazon Video, or any other non-game application, if there is a game in the Wii U’s disc drive, it is spinning. It’s like the Wii U’s disc drive is an Energizer Bunny of sorts, in that it just keeps going and going, or spinning and spinning in this situation. I know some Wii owners had disc drive issues, and I received my PlayStation 3 from a friend because the disc drive had stopped working. I really hope that Nintendo updates the Wii U so the disc drive is not constantly reading/spinning the disc, when non-game Wii U applications are being used such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, or even the Internet Browser. The Wii’s disc drive does not constantly spin if a disc is in the system and Netflix or another non-gaming Wii Channel is being used, so I would imagine Nintendo can patch the Wii U for fix the issue.

Give yourself these Wii U eShop games, as “gifts”!

5) Gifting Wii U eShop games – Did you know you could give Virtual Console and WiiWare games to other Wii owners as “gifts”? Did you know that you cannot give Wii U eShop games to other Wii U owners as gifts? I think it’s odd that Nintendo didn’t include the gifting option right from the beginning. I hope they make “gifting” Wii U eShop titles a new feature, as I do like to give things away from time-to-time on the site, and I can think of a few eShop titles that would be at the top of that list right now: Toki Tori 2 and Trine 2.

Gift options shown for WiiWare games. One already owned, one not.

Are there any other Wii U system improvements you would like to see Nintendo address with the first big system update next week, or perhaps in the update planned for the summer?

If you’re into programming, is there any reason Nintendo can’t address the Wii U’s hard reset option (holding the Power button for a few seconds to turn the system off), with a system patch? Like I mentioned above, I just find it odd that has not already been patched.

FPS Friday! How much has Red Steel 2 been played? Official U.S. Nintendo Channel data report.

April 13, 2013

Coffee Beans
Last May, we looked at how many hours had been reported playing Red Steel 2 by U.S. Wii owners, with more than 2 years’ worth of data reported.

Red Steel 2 was released as a Wii exclusive on March 23, 2010 in the U.S., and can still be found to buy, new or used, on many different sites. If you own a Wii, or even Wii U, and are interested in Red Steel 2, you should know the game requires a Wii MotionPlus accessory to play though. As for content to be aware of, Red Steel 2 received an ESRB rating of “TEEN” for “Animated Blood, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence“.

A description for the game on the Nintendo Channel says, “Embody a lonesome fighter, a man of few words with a shaded past full of mystery. Face various, and increasingly strong, enemies and defeat challenging bosses in epic and intense fights. Visit a remote mixed metropolis in the middle of the American desert, where Eastern and Western culture have been smashed together: Caldera.”

About how many U.S. Wii owners have game-play data reported for Red Steel 2 through the Nintendo Channel, and how many hours have they reported playing the game since it released over 3 years ago? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look!

How many hours did you play?

The Brew
Red Steel 2 now has approximately 75,407 U.S. Wii owners with game-play data reported through the Nintendo Channel, which is just over 8,800 more players with data reported than last year, now with 1,112 days possibly reported.

The game currently has 759,283 Total Hours of reported game-play, which is an increase of 97,308 Total Hours since the report last year. Its average reported “Per person” has increased slightly by 7 minutes, and is now sitting at 10 Hours 4 Minutes “Per person”. The average time spent playing the game each time/session reported, is about 1 Hour 45 Minutes.

The game’s “professional” critic review score average is now slightly lower than it was last May, currently sitting at 80.50% based on 48 reviews from While the critic review score average is slightly lower since last year, the customer review score average has increased slightly. The game’s customer review score average is now 88.08%, now based on 89 customer reviews between both SKUs of the game.

Caffeinated Thoughts
When I wrote the piece last May, I said, “Have I played Red Steel 2 yet? No, but I may be making a trip to my local Game Stop store today, where I originally reserved Red Steel 2.

I did end up buying Red Steel 2 the day of the post last May, and I completed the game last June. My game-play data record for Red Steel 2 on the Nintendo Channel shows my play-time as 13 Hours 46 Minutes, over 6 times. From my rough math, this means I spent about 2 Hours 17 Minutes each time I played the game, until I beat it. While I enjoyed my time with Red Steel 2, I’m actually still a bigger fan of the original Red Steel, as I enjoyed the levels and game-play mechanics (even though not perfect) more in the original.

If you have not seen any footage of game-play from Red Steel 2, the video below is of a partial mission in the game from the Nintendo Channel:

I’m glad Nintendo made the jump to HD with the Wii U, and enjoy having an awesome feature like Off-TV play with the Wii U GamePad now, but I think it’s a shame the video game market won’t likely see another game like Red Steel or Red Steel 2, because of traditional controllers being more standard now.

If Ubisoft was to update the original Red Steel for the Wii U though, perhaps with HD graphics, online multiplayer, and optional GamePad and Wii Remote controls (like what Black Ops II offers), it would probably be a day one buy for me.

Have any of you played and perhaps beaten Red Steel 2 in the last year? If so, what did you think about the game?

If you played the original Red Steel and Red Steel 2, are you perhaps like me, being that you enjoyed the original more? Also, would any of you be interested in a Red Steel HD remake, or maybe just a new Red Steel 3 for the Wii U if Ubisoft were to do it?

You can see links for Red Steel and Red Steel 2 on below:

How much has Xenoblade Chronicles been played? Official U.S. Nintendo Channel data report.

April 10, 2013

Coffee Beans
Xenoblade Chronicles released last year in the U.S. on April 6th. The game was sold exclusively at GameStop (stores and online) and had a MSRP of $49.99.

The game was developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo, and received an ESRB rating of “TEEN” with “Blood, Mild Language, Partial Nudity, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence” listed as content for parents and gamers to be aware of.

How many hours have U.S. Wii owners reported playing the Xenoblade Chronicles since it released last year, and about how many U.S. Wii owners now have data reported for the game? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look at the official U.S. Nintendo Channel data, as well as other information about Xenoblade Chronicles!

40+ hours to beat the game?

The Brew
Xenoblade Chronicles now has approximately 15,193 U.S. Wii owners that have gameplay data reported through the Wii’s Nintendo Channel, with 367 days possibly reported. The game has seen an increase of about 12,000 more players with data reported, since its initial data report last year.

Considering Xenoblade Chronicles was somewhat of a limited Wii release, being only available at one retailer, the game’s first year of reported data is pretty good. The game now has 650,133 Total Hours reported (shown in the image above), which is an increase of almost 600,000 Total Hours since the initial debut amount.

For some comparison to other exclusive Wii games, Xenoblade Chronicles’ first year’s worth of Total Hours reported isn’t as high as what Metroid: Other M or Monster Hunter Tri had reported; but it is higher than what Red Steel 2 had reported over its first year.

The game’s average reported play-time is now 42 Hours 48 Minutes “Per person”, which is an increase of 25 Hours 55 Minutes to its debut average from last year. According to the data shown, U.S. Wii owners spend nearly 3 hours playing Xenoblade Chronicles each time they sit down to play it.

How was the game received by customers and critics? The game has a “professional” review score average of 91.74%, based on 42 reviews on As for customer reviews, the “Average User Rating” on is a 9.5 out of 10, based on 133 user reviews. The game has a customer review score average of 94.03%, based on 57 customer reviews from

Caffeinated Thoughts
Nintendo released a Wii U Nintendo Direct in January this year, and ended it by showing a new game that Monolith Soft is currently working on for the Wii U. The game was hinted at being titled X, at the end of its trailer, and appears to be a spinoff of Xenoblade Chronicles of some sort.

If you have not seen what Xenoblade Chronicles looks like in action, and if you haven’t seen what Monolith Soft’s Wii U game looks like, the trailers below should give you a decent idea:

I have not played Xenoblade Chronicles, and don’t own it. Seeing some of the asking prices for it on now, and even the “used” price on while putting together this piece makes me think the game won’t be joining our collection anytime soon.

That being said though, I do think the reported gameplay data, both the Total Hours and the average “Per person”, is pretty impressive for what was a limited U.S. Wii release. If Monolith Soft’s new Wii U title provides anywhere close to the average hours “Per person” that Xenoblade Chronicles has for Wii owners, I think it might be worth a buy when it releases (assuming Nintendo of America doesn’t take several years to actually publish it, once its fully developed and translated).

Have any of you played Xenoblade Chronicles in the last year, and beat it? If so, do you know if your hours to beat the game, are about how many are reflected in the Nintendo Channel data? Is Xenoblade Chronicles a game you would recommend to Wii, or even Wii U owners, that might be looking for a new RPG game to play?

If you enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles, are you looking forward to Monolith Soft’s next Wii U game?

You can find product links to Xenoblade Chronicles below:

Fishing Resort’s official Nintendo Channel debut data. Hours spent fishing in a virtual paradise…

April 4, 2013

Coffee Beans
Do you like fishing, virtually or in real life?

Fishing Resort was released for the Wii in the U.S. on November 22, 2011, with two SKUs available for purchase. There was a standalone software version with a MSRP of $19.99, or Wii owners could also buy the game bundled with a fishing rod accessory for $29.99.

Fishing Resort was developed by PROPE, which is the studio formed by Yuji Naka (previous head of Sonic Team) and who is also said to be “The Creator of Sonic” in a portion of the game’s description on The game was published by XSEED Games for its U.S. release, and received an ESRB rating of “EVERYONE” with no content listed for parents or gamers to be aware of.

The Nintendo Channel description for the game reads, “Fishing Resort is a fishing game that takes place on a large tropical paradise and uses the Wii Remote to mimic the action of casting and the Nunchuk for reeling. This paradise offers lakes, streams, and even ice fishing in addition to the deep and shallow sea fishing with more than 200 varieties of fish available.”

About how many U.S. Wii owners have reported fishing in the virtual paradise found in Fishing Resort since it released? Grab your fishing gear, grab your coffee, and let’s take a look!

Fishing, more replay value than Sonic?

The Brew
Fishing Resort has approximately 1,659 U.S. Wii owners that have gameplay data reported through the Nintendo Channel. The game just crossed the minimum 50,000 Total Hours that is required before data shows up on the Nintendo Channel, this week with 496 days possibly reported.

The game’s average reported play-time “Per person” is 30 Hours 9 Minutes, as the image above shows, which makes Fishing Resort the Wii’s most played fishing game “Per person” in the U.S., at least according to this data. When U.S. Wii owners play Fishing Resort, they are fishing in its virtual paradise for about 2 Hours 35 Minutes each time (or day) reported.

First, you’re probably thinking, “Coffee, what other Wii fishing games did you compare the hours ‘Per person’ with?”

Glad you asked! Here are the other Wii fishing games I compared the data with: Bass Pro Shops’ The StrikeBig Bass ArcadeCocoto Fishing MasterFish’em AllFishing MasterFISHING MASTER WORLD TOURRapala Fishing FrenzyRapala We FishReel Fishing ChallengeReel Fishing Challenge II, and Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge. While there are perhaps other Wii games with a fishing element, these were the Wii games where fishing was the main aspect from my research.

Calm enough waters to be enjoying a cup of coffee in the boat!

As for the statement in parenthesis in the data image, “Also, played more ‘Per person’ than any Sonic Wii game!?”, here are the Sonic games I compared the hours “Per person” with: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter GamesMario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic GamesSonic 3D BlastSonic and the Black KnightSonic and the Secret RingsSonic ColorsSonic Riders: Zero GravitySonic SpinballSonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog 2Sonic the Hedgehog 3Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode ISONIC UNLEASHEDSonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. If you think there is another Sonic Wii game to compare hours with that might have been missed, please leave a comment below!

Now, you may be wondering how Fishing Resort was received by critics and customers? Well, the game has a “professional” review score average of 72.50%, based on 10 reviews on Like many other Wii titles I have done data reports on though, the game has a higher customer review score average of 91.34%, between both versions, based on 97 customer reviews from

Caffeinated Thoughts
While I have not played Fishing Resort, or any of the other Wii fishing games I listed above, I do think it looks/sounds like it could be fun (and I think the data confirms that). If you haven’t seen what Fishing Resort is like, here are two videos that will hopefully give you an idea:

Last year, I received an email that asked me to do a data report on Fishing Resort. The email was from gamerace, who is associated with WiiWareWave, and he mentioned how the forum activity on WiiWareWave for Fishing Resort was pretty active, with some users “playing it into the hundreds of hours”. The Fishing Resort forum thread is still active, with the most recent post being just 2 days ago, on April 3rd. I responded to his email that while I was tracking the game then, it didn’t have any data showing up. I said, “these type of games can take a while to show up (if at all) due to lack of advertising and name recognition”.

Apparently though, the lack of advertising and name recognition for Fishing Resort has not prevented the game from being enjoyed by those that have played it!

So, what does having a higher reported average “Per person” than the other games I listed above likely mean? Well, if you owned all of the games listed, it’s likely that you would get the most hours of gameplay out of Fishing ResortIn short, you could probably expect the best replay value from Fishing Resort, out of all the Wii games listed above.

I’m glad to see another XSEED published Wii game have gameplay data show up, and hopefully they will also have success with Pandora’s Tower, which is releasing later this month, in the gameplay hours and sales departments!

Have any of you played Fishing Resort, and if so, what’d you think about the game? Is it a game you would recommend to Wii owners, or even Wii U owners, that are perhaps looking for a good fishing game? If you haven’t played Fishing Resort, is there perhaps another Wii fishing game that you have played and enjoyed that you would recommend?

Also, are any of you surprised that a Wii fishing game, not released even 2 years ago, has more hours averaged “Per person” than all the Sonic games on the Wii?

You can purchase either version of Fishing Resort from, which are linked below, but watch the prices! You can also find some XSEED published games in the publisher’s store, HERE.

Dart Rage official Nintendo Channel data report! How many hours/years spent throwing darts?

April 4, 2013

Coffee Beans
Do you enjoy playing darts? Well, U.S. Wii owners have apparently enjoyed playing virtual darts these last few years, in at least one game.

Dart Rage released for the WiiWare service on March 1, 2010 in the U.S., at a $6.00 price point (600 Wii Points). The game was developed and published by JV Games, and received an ESRB rating of “EVERYONE” with “Alcohol Reference” listed as content for parents and gamers to be aware of.

The description for the game on the Nintendo Channel reads, “Dart Rage puts you in the spot light as you compete against friends, the computer, or both. Dart Rage features pixel perfect accuracy and has 4 freat games to choose from including: 301-901, Cricket, Poker, & American darts. Change the game play with plenty of options like VS. Mode; where you compete at the same time in a race to the finish.”

About how many U.S. Wii owners have reported playing Dart Rage since it released, and what’s at least one Nintendo published Wii retail game that Dart Rage has a higher reported average “Per person” than? Also, if you own a Wii U and have some extra Wii Remotes around, would this be a good virtual dart game to grab, based on the average reported “Per person”? Brew yourself a cup (or two) of coffee, and let’s take a look!

Data shown for U.S. Wii owners, not world-wide.

The Brew
First, Dart Rage has approximately 6,306 U.S. Wii owners with gameplay data reported through the Nintendo Channel. The game has had almost 90,000 Total Hours of gameplay reported, that’s over 10 years’ worth of virtual dart playing, with 1,127 days possibly reported.

The game has an average reported play-time of 14 Hours 12 Minutes, as you can see in the image above, which averages out to be 1 Hour 8 Minutes per time/day reported. This means that U.S. Wii owners have played Dart Rage just over 1 hour each time they sit down to play.

Like many other WiiWare titles, Dart Rage wasn’t reviewed by many sites when it released, but the game has a “professional” review score average of 70.00%, based on just 2 reviews on

Dart Rage’s U.S. WiiWare release has made JV Games about $37,386 since it released (before taxes and profit sharing), just based on the approximate number of players with data reported and the game’s $6 price point.

Caffeinated Thoughts
If you’re curious as to what the gameplay in Dart Rage looks like, the trailer below should give you a decent idea:

Like the video, and subscribe to the YouTube Channel here!

I was very surprised to see Dart Rage, again it’s a WiiWare game, with a higher reported average “Per person” than several other WiiWare games I have reported on in the past. Not only does it have a higher average “Per person” than some other WiiWare titles, but it also has a higher average “Per person” than some retail Wii games. One of those being Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor was published by Nintendo and released for the Wii in 2010, just a few months after Dart Rage. The difference is that Sin & Punishment was a Wii retail release, meaning you could find it in stores, and it had a MRSP of $49.99.

So, the reason I am surprised to see Dart Rage with such a high average “Per person”, is that its average is beating out games that released at much higher prices, but apparently offer less replay value than a digital game that costs a fraction of what their “new” prices were when they first released.

Do I think that Dart Rage would be a good virtual dart game to purchase, if you own a Wii or Wii U and are a fan of playing darts in general? I do, at least based on the average reported “Per person” through the Nintendo Channel. If you’re interested in Dart Rage, you should know there is a free demo that you can download and try for the game, from the Wii’s/Wii U’s Shop Channel.

Do any of you own Dart Rage, and if so, what do you think about the game? Is it a game you would recommend to Wii, or now Wii U, owners who enjoy darts, and might be wondering if a virtual dart game is worth it?

Maybe you haven’t played Dart Rage, but do any of you perhaps play darts in real life (not virtual!) on a regular basis?

You can purchase Dart Rage from the Wii’s/Wii U’s Shop Channel using either a credit card or a Wii Points card (seen below). You can also purchase dart boards from below as well!

March Brewed – Coffees Consumed & Games Played!

April 3, 2013

Coffee Beans
March saw several new Wii U releases, the most in quite a while actually. I mentioned some of the new Wii U games that released in March, HERE. While I ended up not buying any of those, yet, all of them have landed in my current “Wish List”.

If you only skimmed posts or stopped by only occasionally in March, here’s what you might have missed:
1) One reason I find Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s multiplayer addictive, HERE.
2) What is the most played Mega Man game on the Wii, based on Total Hours reported? You can read that report, HERE.
3) Why you should never give up in a Black Ops 2 online multiplayer match, HERE.
4) What is the Wii’s most played Need for Speed game, based on Total Hours reported? Find out HERE.
5) What are current Wii U trade-in values, for both the Basic Set and Deluxe Set? Find out HERE.
6) A new feature, done twice in the month, Movie Magic Monday! If you like dragons, you might like this one. If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, you might find this one interesting.
7) ZombiU has been patched! You can see the full patch notes and details I gathered on the ZombiU patch, HERE.

Now, what games did I get around to playing in March, and what coffees helped me make it through the month? Start brewing yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look!

Coffees Consumed
We brewed and consumed four different coffee blends in March: Maxwell House Dark Roast, Maxwell House Gourmet Roast, Puroast Dark French Roast, and Medaglia D’Oro Caffé.

The Maxwell House blends were our go to coffee blends for the majority of the month, like February, with us finishing off the Maxwell House Dark Roast early in the month, and the Maxwell House Gourmet Roast helping us make it through the end of the month.

The Puroast Dark French Roast and Medaglia D’oro Caffé were coffees we started brewing and consuming in February, as I wrote about last month, and they helped us get through the middle of March when the Maxwell House Dark Roast started running low.

With the amount of coffee we consume in a month, the Maxwell House coffees are the best bargain and the best tasting coffees at their prices that we have found. While I enjoy the smaller batches of coffee like the Medaglia D’ora Caffé, being that we still brew so much coffee in a month, we are still sticking with the larger containers of coffee (usually the 240 cup containers).

Games Played
The quick Instant Coffee list of games I played in March is: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Super Mario Bros., Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, Assassin’s Creed III, Nintendo Land, Rabbids Land, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, World of Goo, Super Mario 64, Punch-Out!!, and Super Mario World.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – It was all multiplayer for me in March, as it pretty much was in February as well. This was my most played game in March, and I enjoyed recording and putting together a few videos of multiplayer battles. If you didn’t see either of the multiplayer videos I put together of some of my Black Ops 2 matches, here’s one you might enjoy if you like FPS matches that are close:

Assassin’s Creed III – I have had this Wii U game sitting around since December, thanks to GameFly, and had made very little progress in it until last month. I decided to try and get more accomplished in March, and was decently successful. While I haven’t beat the game, and I don’t think I’m even close to it yet, I was able to put a few more hours into it in March. I’m enjoying the story and setting of the game so far, even if I have only found one coffee reference so far…, my next site!?

Nintendo Land – Bean 1 and I played this together in March. He enjoyed the Mario Chase and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion games a lot, and I played a few rounds of Donkey Kong’s Crash Course and Battle Quest while he watched as well.
Punch-Out!! – I have written that I enjoyed Punch-Out!! on the NES. When Nintendo put this one on sale for 30 cents on the Wii U’s eShop, I purchased it the first day it became available in March. Yes, we did own it on our Wii’s Virtual Console already, but that didn’t stop me. I have enjoyed playing a few rounds on the Wii U’s GamePad already, while having shows streaming on Netflix in the background. I’m not sure if I’ll beat this one, as the last two boxers seem to really destroy me, but it’s already been worth the 30 cents I bought it for (again).
Rabbids Land – How many hours does it take to unlock all the mini-games in Rabbids Land? Well, from my experience with the game so far, more than 10 hours. I have played the game 10 hours 25 minutes so far, and I still haven’t unlocked all of the mini-games yet. I’m not sure if perhaps I need to play the game with an additional human player, before unlocking the last two mini-games, or if I just haven’t been fortunate enough to experience them when playing the board game rounds by myself. Once I unlock the rest of the mini-games, I plan on doing some additional coverage for the game though.

My current Rabbids Land play time.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed – I played this early in March, and later in the middle of the month as well. I was over on Destructoid checking out their community blogs section early in March, when I saw a post that was advertising a Friday Night Fights community event, and this was the Wii U game they were playing. I decided to hop on and give it a try, and played a few races on just the GamePad while the Beans were running around. After I played (and lost) in the Friday Night Fights event, I decided to play the game a bit more later in the month, and started working my way through the single player campaign. I was able to unlock more tracks and power-up certain drivers (mainly Sonic), in just a few short hours. I really, really like the way the races are setup with the driving, flying, and boating incorporated into each one. While I haven’t unlocked all the levels yet, or leveled-up one character all the way, I am looking forward to putting some more time into this one eventually.
Trine 2: Director’s Cut – While I beat Trine 2 back in January, I still haven’t unlocked everything in the game. So, in March I played through a few more of the levels attempting to find items I had previously missed. While I did complete one level with items I had not collected before in March, I still haven’t unlocked the extra level, but I am still enjoying the game when I play it.
World of Goo – Bean 1 and I have been playing this on the PC, and we have made it to Chapter 4, several times, but he still enjoys deleting files and creating names on new ones and starting from the beginning. Bean 1 is pretty good at understanding the idea behind the game, and can complete many of the levels in the game.

A Mario inspired castle? It passed the Bean 1 sight test!

Super Mario 64 – Bean 1 randomly one night near the end of March said, “I’m going to play Mario 64.” It was random, because he hadn’t mentioned the game in a while, but sure enough he sat on the couch and played it for nearly an hour straight that night after mentioning it. This has been a game we have made slow progress in over the last year, and I hope that we can eventually beat it, as it was one Nintendo 64 title I enjoyed when I played it originally on the console, but I never beat it.
Super Mario Bros. – This was played on our Wii, as we still haven’t done the Wii to Wii U transfer for Virtual Console and WiiWare titles yet. I did beat this one in March, which I still find extremely challenging to do, but rewarding as well. Bean 1 really enjoys watching me play through the latter levels in the game, and was a big encourager in the final level when I was getting killed by the hammer brother right before Bowser. He would say, “Daddy, if you think you can, you will!”
Super Mario World – This is another one started by Bean 1, and then ends up with me being volunteered to play and beat certain levels. Bean 1 is pretty good though, and can be Yoshi’s Island 1 and Yoshi’s Island 2 in it, as well as some of the other levels. It’s usually the Castle levels that give him a bit of a challenge, but he is improving and I enjoy watching him play it and also listening to him direct me to make sure that I take the “secret exit” in the appropriate levels.

Did any of you pick up some of the new Wii U games that released in March (maybe all of them?!), and if so what do you think about what you have played? If you didn’t purchase any of the new Wii U releases in March, did you find yourself playing any other game(s) in the month?

And as always, were there any coffee blends that helped you make it through the month?