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September 15, 2012

Coffee Beans is now officially sold out of the Black Wii U Deluxe Set bundle, which has a MSRP of $349.99. The site is still taking pre-orders on the White Wii U Basic Set though, which has a MSRP of $299.99.
It took less than 48 hours to reach their limit of Wii U Deluxe Sets available for pre-order. If you have not pre-ordered a Wii U at your local GameStop store and plan on doing so this weekend, you should probably call the store before heading out if that is the only reason you are going.
If you are looking to pre-order/reserve the Black Wii U Deluxe Set online, you might want to check sites like and

GameStop Wii U Pre-order Reservations Now Open!

September 13, 2012

Coffee Beans
Do you want to skip the lines and not have to hunt for the Wii U when it releases on November 18th? Well, GameStop is now taking reservations for the Wii U system, both the $299.99 and $349.99 Wii U systems.

If you are a PowerUp Rewards member you can reserve a Wii U system for just $25, and if you’re not a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member you can reserve a Wii U system for $50.

You don’t even have to visit a GameStop store to reserve, or pre-order, the new Wii U console, as just opened up their Wii U page and are taking reservations for it directly online.

You can reserve the Wii U system and games from GameStop.comHERE.

>Pre-Order/Reserve PlayStation Vita Online Now

June 7, 2011


Coffee Beans:
     If you were watching Sony’s E3 press conference tonight, you may have been really surprised(as I was), about the price points for the PlayStation Vita(Click to pre-order now!).
     Sony announced the Vita will have two price points: one with WiFi only for $249.99, and one with WiFi an 3G service provided by AT&T for $299.99.

     If you’re ready to jump on the Vita bandwagon, you can click the images below to pre-order, or reserve, either(or both) versions of the handheld system on

     The $299.99 3G and WiFi system is on the left, the $249.99 WiFi only Vita system is on the right.
Filtered Thoughts:
     I think the price points are very good for what Sony showed the Vita seems capable of tonight at E3.  If I were to get one, I would probably go with just the WiFi system being that I don’t travel a lot, and I would use it mainly around the house.
     Were any of you surprised by the price points for the PlayStation Vita, and did the revealed prices make your more/less interested in the system, than you perhaps were before the prices were revealed?

>Pre-Order/Reserve the 3DS Online Now – $249.99

January 19, 2011

>Coffee Beans:
     Click on any “Nintendo 3DS” name in the post to jump to the pre-order page!(Or click this now!)
     Well, it has finally been officially announced that the Nintendo 3DS will be priced at $249.99, and will be releasing on March 27 in North America.
     I haven’t seen any other sites announce this yet, so that’s why I’m moving forward with it!

     If you are wanting to pre-order/reserve a Nintendo 3DS before it releases, there is at least one site already taking pre-orders on the system! is taking pre-orders on the Blue Nintendo 3DS system, so if you have the $249.99, I would suggest reserving one ASAP if you’re interested in the system.  As usual, it’s being offered with Free Super Saver Shipping, and will ship(as of now) on March 27, when it releases.  Here’s the image and another link to the pre-order page for the Nintendo 3DS system on

     Here are some of the 3DS games available for pre-order, all included with free shipping.  Just clicking on the name of the game should redirect you to the pre-order page:

     Nintendogs + Cats for $39.99

     Baseball 3DS for $39.99
     Contra 3DS for $39.99
     Frogger 3DS for $39.99
     LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars 3D for $39.99
     Madden NFL Football 3DS for $39.99
     Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3DS for $39.99
     Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS for $39.99
     Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked for $39.99
     Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition for $39.99
     Winning Eleven 3DS for $39.99