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The CoffeeWithGames birthday gift goes to…

September 8, 2013

Coffee Beans
Last week, I posted up the “What’s a birthday without a gift? CoffeeWithGames turns 4!” post where I talked about what I had done on the site over the last 4 years, and what I plan to do moving forward with it. I was also giving away a CoffeeWithGames birthday gift of sorts, if you left some feedback on the post.

Well, the winner of the gift was……………………..Robert!!!!!

(His name is there, you just click and drag your mouse around it.)

What did he win, you might be wondering? The Humble Bundle Weekly Sale: Paradox Games bundle, which included Europa Universalis III: Complete, War of the Roses: Kingmaker, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Leviathan: Warships, Dungeonland, and The Showdown Effect.

Hopefully the games can help him remain incomplete to an even greater extent, and thanks to everybody that provided feedback on the post!

What’s a birthday without a gift? CoffeeWithGames turns 4!

August 30, 2013
CoffeeWithCupcakes…coming soon? Maybe in my stomach.

Coffee Beans
What’s a birthday without a gift? If you have been wondering if my coffee supply ran out and I went into a deep sleep because of it and that’s why I haven’t been posting, I can say that has not been the case! I have been doing some CoffeeWithGames related things behind-the-scenes, even though I haven’t been posting.

At the end of June, I decided to get all of the Nintendo Channel data I had recorded during the final week (EVERY. SINGLE. WII. GAME!), before Nintendo took the Nintendo Channel offline, into a nice spreadsheet form. I spent my spare moments doing that for about 3 weeks, from late June and into July.

I have enough game-play data recorded from Wii games, that I could continue doing the Nintendo Channel data stories for another 10 years, at my usual pace. While I can tell you the Wii’s most played game in the United States, as well as the Wii’s least played game in the United States, I have decided to refocus and change the type of consistent content I deliver.

Instead of focusing just on past Wii games, CoffeeWithGames will now focus on more current games and systems. Here are a few things CoffeeWithGames will be doing on a more regular basis now:
1) Reviews! Reviews will now be happening on a more regular basis, and game reviews will have a slight twist from the normal method most sites use when reviewing games today.
2) Interviews! I have done interviews randomly in the past, but not on a regular basis. There will now be at least one interview a month (that’s my goal), either from developers, publishers, or people within the industry.
3) Videos! I enjoy creating and editing videos. I’m a bit detail oriented (see: OCD) when it comes to things though, and can spend way too much time editing and creating content (not just game related). So, I will now do more standard gameplay videos now of games I’m currently playing, and/or that the Beans are playing like what I did with Mutant Mudds Deluxe.
4) Opinion pieces! I don’t do these often, but I am looking to change that. An example of what these may be like, would be what I wrote about and wished for the first Wii U update to fix, before the first system update was released.
5) Coffee Shop! I browse pretty much every single day, for a number of reasons. One, is checking for any incredible deal I might not be able to pass by, another is more data related. So, I will be doing more Coffee Shop posts to share games deals, at least once a week.
6) CoffeeWithGames Game Nights! I enjoy playing games online. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is my most played Wii U game because of the online multiplayer. Instead of just playing by myself though, I will now try and schedule at least on CoffeeWithGames Game Night a month, and announce what game I’ll be playing and when about a week in advance. Hopefully, this will make it easier for some of us game together, and of course, recording the footage and doing a video of it might be possible as well.

While these things should provide a decent amount of content each month, there will also still be the random pieces from time-to-time like the “Critics vs. Customers!” pieces, Sales Ranks Analysis pieces, and maybe even the random Grounds for Celebration! piece(s) will make an occasional return.

Now, what about that birthday gift? Hit the jump and keep reading to find out!

The Brew
While I mentioned in the section above what I plan on doing moving forward with CoffeeWithGames, here is some history and things about (and, because of) CoffeeWithGames that have happened over the last 4 years since I started it:

  • Including this post, I have published 716 posts on CoffeeWithGames in the last 4 years. Considering reviews and general news haven’t been regular features around here, I don’t think that’s too shabby for mostly original content. It works out to be about 180 pieces a year, and about 15 posts a month on average.
  • I believe I have typed every, single, word written in the posts on CoffeeWithGames, and not done a “copy/paste” of them. When I originally started using Blogger, trying to “copy/paste” text would mess up the font type and size in posts, and so 4 years ago I just started typing each and every post fresh, and have continued. I do use other posts as examples, but never copy/pasting actual text. I’m still not sure if the “copy/paste” issues have been resolved, as it’s not something I even try now.
  • Almost every single photo, in every single post I have done for at least the last 2+ years (maybe longer), was edited and/or created by me in some fashion. I try to not only keep the content original, but also the images when I can. This means I have probably edited and created well over 200 images for the site that have been published, and many more that have been edited or created, but never used.
  • Because of my coverage of one game in particular, not just on CoffeeWithGames, but a number of sites, I was contacted by the developer/publisher and asked if I would be interested in helping them when they were porting the game to the mobile platforms a few years after it originally released. Not only was I able to provide them feedback and help provide them footage of particular things they needed, I was also fortunate enough to get my name put in the credits!
  • When I originally started doing the Nintendo Channel data stories, I would take the pictures of the data by standing in front of my television with a digital camera. I originally bought a video capture device, not to actually capture gameplay video, but instead to use it for recording the data from the Nintendo Channel. Data nerd? The image quality definitely changed, for the better though, and I have enjoyed using the video capture devices.
  • I have been contacted by developers because of my coverage on certain games and topics, sometimes “off-the-record”. Even when the discussions haven’t been “off-the-record”, I rarely published them, as I enjoy communicating with developers and enjoy them not having to be concerned about a site flaming out something they did/didn’t say.
Now, what about that birthday gift? As many birthday gifts probably are (and should be!), this one is a surprise, and I’m giving it away. What do you need to do though, in order to to be entered to receive this birthday gift? Simple, join the party! Do so by leaving a comment on this post and let me know what you have (and, perhaps haven’t) enjoyed on CoffeeWithGames over the last 4 years, and what new features you’re looking forward to the most!
I’ll give this post about a week for comments and feedback, and then draw a winner who follows the guidelines later next week.
Did any of you do a double-take when you saw this post pop-up, and then the new look for the site?


The CoffeeWithGames feedback winner is…

October 9, 2012

Coffee Beans
Did you miss the “CoffeeWithGames Turns 3!” post at the end of August? Well, I ended up having to wait until we finished our Maxwell House Gourmet Roast coffee, so I could have a coffee container for the giveaway drawing.

To enter the contest I said in the post, “If you leave feedback to the questions below, I’ll put your name in the coffee container…and draw it for a coffee and/or game related giveaway.”

I dropped the names in the coffee container, gave it a good shaking, but I didn’t draw out the winner. Mrs. Coffee did! Brew yourself some coffee, and see which lucky provider of feedback was picked from the container!

The Caffeinated Brew
After a few shakes, rattles, and rolls of the coffee container container, Mrs. Coffee drew out KnucklesSonic8!

The prize for simply leaving feedback on a post? Well, KnucklesSonic8 has a choice to make (again), World of Goo can be his on Steam, or the Humble Bundle for Android 3 can be his. The Humble Bundle for Android 3 includes Fieldrunners, BIT.TRIP BEAT, Uplink!, and SpaceChem, with Steam keys for each (I think also the soundtrack is included for each as well, not 100% positive on that).

I have only played the demo for World of Goo, and put just a little time into BIT.TRIP BEAT and none in the other games, so I can’t really say which one I would suggest he choose.

Either way, congratulations to KnucklesSonic8 on winning, and thanks to everybody that provided feedback on that post! (Sorry it took longer for the drawing to happen, the other coffee container found its way to the trash that I was originally going to use!)

If you have perhaps played World of Goo, and some of the games in the Humble Bundle that he could select, which one prize selection would you suggest for him?

Also, if you missed the original feedback posts, feel free to leave feedback below if you have a feature you would like to see more of, or perhaps a new feature altogether on CoffeeWithGames more regularly.

CoffeeWithGames Turns 3!

August 30, 2012

Coffee Beans
Time flies when you’re having fun? Well, something is another year older today, and that would be the site! August 29, 2009 was the first day I posted an article on the blog, “Analyzing the Wii Manufacturing Costs in 2009“. Today marks 3 years of posting for me on CoffeeWithGames, with only two months being absent of any posts at all over the last 3 years!

If you have been reading the site since I started it back in 2009, you probably have noticed the slight, but hopefully better, changes to the data stories I do on a regular basis. You might even remember when I changed the background to the coffee beans that are currently still there, shocking you awake each time you visit. If you are new to visiting and reading CoffeeWithGames though, you might wonder what you have missed since the beginning.

Brew yourself some coffee, and take a look at some things you might not know about CoffeeWithGames.

Here are some things about CoffeeWithGames from over the last 3 years that you might not know, or may have just forgotten:

  • started off as, not an official “.com”.
  • The current banner at the top now was made a reader, Araknid, who also made the coffee mug that is standard in data report images as well. You can see one of the first CoffeeWithGames banners I put together with my terrible skills, HERE.
  • I was contacted by Nintendo’s PR firm after I broke the story on Metroid Prime: Trilogy no longer being published or shipped; which I thought was odd as they offered nothing in return for wanting to know how I “broke” the news that they had told me. Terrible PR is terrible PR, and Nintendo I think has a clear history of having terrible PR.
  • I have participated in podcasts on sites like and over the last 3 years. My first podcast was with the guys from WhoBurnedMyToast, and you can see my point on it HERE.
  • Keith, of (in hibernation), and I started up our own podcast that lasted I believe for 2 weeks…MAYBE? It was called Tornadoes in Alaska, and you can check out the first podcast we did HERE.
  • I have written only one “new” official review of a game for the site and that was for Max & the Magic Marker. You can read the full review for it HERE. Though I have only written one review since forming the site, I have provided lots of coverage for other games; some very detailed coverage, such as THIS.
  • My first review was with Interplay, about their DSiWare game, Legendary Wars: T-Rex Rumble. You can read that interview HERE.
Caffeinated Thoughts
How long will CoffeeWithGames continue to be active with posts? I’m not sure at this point, but I am working on a few ideas for future features such as the “Critics vs. Customers” one I posted up 2 weeks ago. Counting this post, I have gotten up 604 posts over the last 3 years, and most of them have been original data stories that aren’t really found anywhere else. While I have enjoyed blogging these last 3 years the biggest enjoyment hasn’t been just doing the posts, but the conversations, friends, and readers I have met because of it. It seems I have connections all around the U.S. now, and even around the world now, because of starting up CoffeeWithGames 3 years ago.
Thank you all for the comments and discussions you have provided over the last 3 years on the site, and I hope to provide more stories and coverage of the “coffee” and “games” industry to provide more conversations going forward. Being that today marks CoffeeWithGames’ third anniversary, or birthday, what is an anniversary or birthday without a gift? Well, let’s not have to answer that question!
If you leave feedback to the questions below, I’ll put your name in the coffee container next week and draw it for a coffee and/or game related giveaway. Keep the coffee brewing, to help keep your eyes peeled for more contests/giveaways over the next month!
If there was one new feature on CoffeeWithGames, be it regular reviews, a podcast, coffee talk, opinion pieces, or even just game-play videos, or something totally different, what would you like to see? Do you have a favorite post on CoffeeWithGames, that you enjoyed more than the others?

CoffeeWithGames Turns Two, Win Two Years Worth of Coffee!

August 29, 2011

Coffee Beans
     On August 29, 2009, I posted my first blog article, “Analyzing the Wii Manufacturing Costs in 2009“.  So today, August 29, 2011, marks the site’s two year birthday of sorts.
     What’s a birthday without a gift though?  Probably just another day of the week!  So, to help celebrate’s two year birthday(originally, I’m giving away 2 year’s worth of coffee.
     Now some of you might be thinking, “How much is 2 year’s worth of coffee, Coffee?”  Well, I’m glad you asked!

     I’m basing it off of 365 days in a year, and one “cup” of coffee per day.  So, the winner will receive the equivalent to around 730 “cups” of coffee.  Along with the coffee gift, a video game gift might be included as well, though that is to be determined.
     The coffee gifts will be the larger containers of ground coffee, though one whole bean coffee might be included as well.  In the end though, it should be about 730 “cups” of coffee, or slightly more.

How to Enter
     1)  Write a poem about coffee and at least one video game reference, in the comment section below…keep it G, or E for Everyone, rated.
     2)  If you’re a public follower of the blog, through Blogger, that’s a bonus entry…but you must state what your Blogger “follower” name is.
     3)  Bonus entry by “liking” CoffeeWithGames on Facebook, and by stating what your follower name is on Facebook.

     1)  You must write a poem about coffee and at least one video game reference in the comment section.
     2)  If you want to make sure I have your contact information, send me an email to Scott(@), letting me know which poem/follower name is your’s, that way I have good contact information if you don’t think I have it.
     3)  No purchase necessary, and the contest is void where prohibited.
     4)  The contest/giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States of America.
     5)  The contest/giveaway will run for one month, from August 29, 2011 and close on September 29, 2011 at 11:59PM EST.
     6)  The winner will randomly be selected by a drawing, and the winner will be announced around Friday, September 30, 2011; or as soon as I receive a confirmation reply from the winner.
     7)  The rules may be adjusted/changed as seen fit.

Filtered Thoughts
     If anybody has any questions regarding the contest/giveaway, please email them to me at Scott(@)