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Did You Board the Nintendo 3DS XL Hype Train?

August 22, 2012
Do you have any games you bring with you on the “hype train”?

Coffee Beans

Nintendo just released their new 3DS XL model in the United States this past Sunday, August 19. If you don’t know, the Nintendo 3DS XL has 90 percent larger screens than the original Nintendo 3DS system (which released last year), as well as longer battery life.

The new 3DS XL model has a retail price of $199.99, and is available in Red or Blue, and comes bundled with a 4GB SD card. Not only did Nintendo release the new 3DS XL on Sunday to entice gamers to stores, but they also released a new Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. 2, on Sunday for the 3DS system as well.
Last year after the 3DS released I did a poll that asked, “Did you board the 3DS hype train?” and you can see that poll and post HERE. Last week, I posted up a new poll that simply asked, “Are you buying a Nintendo 3DS XL?”. The poll has ended, but what were the results (and can you guess which one I voted for)? Take a look!

The Brew
Are you buying a Nintendo 3DS XL?
Day one!                                                                                         3 (17%)
Trading my current 3DS, for the 3DS XL model.                                 1 (5%)
Keeping my original 3DS, AND buying the new 3DS XL day one.         1 (5%)
Maybe, not sure.                                                                             3 (17%)
Sticking with the original.                                                             7 (41%)
No, and I don’t own any 3DS yet.                                                      1 (5%)
Does it have two Circle Pads?                                                          1 (5%)
Did somebody say iPad?                                                                 0 (0%)
PS Vita!                                                                                         0 (0%)
Caffeinated Thoughts/Questions
First, feel free to share how you voted in the comments below. I found the results interesting for the poll being up only a week, and considering that I rarely post polls I was glad to see it get a decent number of votes. The largest vote total is in bold above, “Sticking with the original.”, with 7 votes, or 41% of the total votes.

Which one did I vote for? See the first comment below in the comment section to find out! If you were one of the three that voted “Day one!”, or perhaps you missed the poll and didn’t vote but have purchased the 3DS XL, do you think the new system is worth the asking price of $199.99? If you didn’t get the 3DS XL yet, and own the original, have you taken a look at any of the current trade-in promotions for the new system and thought about taking advantage of those?

Also, if any of you purchased New Super Mario Bros. 2 and have had a chance to play it, what do you think of the game from what you have played? Good, or bad?

THIS is what the 3DS XL should have looked like.

July 1, 2012
No. Not exactly.

Coffee Beans
     I reserved the original 3DS model, but then canceled my pre-order on it and I still have not purchased a Nintendo 3DS system. Nintendo announced a new 3DS model, the 3DS XL, just over a week ago now.
     Was the new 3DS XL model shown what I was hoping for, and were the announcements at/since E3 for the 3DS system enough to get me excited about Nintendo’s 3D handheld system? Maybe it was Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 3DS reveal today? Actually, neither one yet.

     What should have Nintendo’s 3DS XL, or even just a new 3DS model in the future, look like that would get me interested in the console, perhaps enough to even buy one for if/when Monster Hunter 4 releases in the U.S. next year?
     Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look at two 3DS XL redesign options, that are better than the Nintendo 3DS XL’s current design…at least in my caffeinated opinion. THESE are what the 3DS XL should have looked like!

The Brew
     Coffee’s 3DS XL (lower) Model. It would have the same screen size as the 3DS XL, just with two circle pads instead of only one:

     Coffee’s 3DS XL (top) Model. It would have the same screen size as the newly announced 3DS XL system, but with two top circle pads instead of only one:

     Did you notice the new power button location? Not only would these new 3DS XL models have two circle pads built into the system, but the system’s “POWER” button has been relocated as well, clearing up the space beneath the new circle pad and/or ABXY buttons.

Caffeinated Thoughts
     Why would this be a better design? Well, the additional circle pad makes the already announced 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro a non-issue, and new shoulder buttons will be able to be implemented as well. Because, in the design world anything is possible, even though it might not be probable.
     I think a 3DS system with two circle pads being standard, would give the 3DS a new control option for developers opening up more opportunities for them, not limiting them.

     I personally think Nintendo has missed a market opportunity with the 3DS XL model, by leaving off a 2nd Circle Pad. When Nintendo announced the 3DS XL last week during their Nintendo Direct conference, I thought my eyes were fooling me and the empty space on the “new” system would magically reveal a 2nd Circle Pad. Unfortunately, that did not happen.
     If Nintendo had shown the new 3DS XL system that looked like either of the above, it would have immediately moved the system to the top of my consoles wish list. I would have seen it as Nintendo being serious about providing better/more control options, instead of telling consumers to duck tape attachments to the existing 3DS systems for better/more control options.
     In short, for skimmers…

     Are any of you non-3DS owners, perhaps like me, that have been holding off on purchasing a 3DS system, because you are waiting on a new 3DS system design, and if so, was the 3DS XL announcement and design what you had been waiting for? Would either of the “new” 3DS models I showed above, have been what you were looking for in a new 3DS system instead of what Nintendo has done?
     If you already own a current 3DS model, do you plan on buying the new 3DS XL model when it releases next month?

If you are interested in the 3DS XL, you can see some picture links below for the “Red” and “Blue” systems being offered:
iconicon iconicon

Current 3DS Trade-in Values – & GameStop

June 22, 2012

Coffee Beans
     Nintendo just held their Nintendo Direct conferences for Japan, North America, and Europe. They announced a new 3DS model, the 3DS XL, and you may be wondering, “Coffee, I already own one of the original 3DS systems. What should I do?”
     Well, if you perhaps really, really, REALLY want the new 3DS XL system, you have a few options.
     Option 1: Keep your old 3DS model, AND buy the new XL model. Not a bad option to have the older 3DS system around for when the inevitable day comes (maybe in another 20 years) that the new 3DS XL system stops working. Or, perhaps when its larger screen will crack, or you drop it because its larger size in general. In any case, you will be prepared with the original 3DS model in standby.
     Option 2: Sell your original 3DS model yourself, perhaps on sites like Ebay, Craigslist, or even Just make sure the site and your method of selling it on your own is safe.
     Option 3: Trade-in your old 3DS model, and use the trade-in credit to purchase the new 3DS XL model.

     The key is how much can you currently get for the original 3DS model though, and how much trouble do you want to go through. Brew some coffee, and take a look at the current trade-in values for the original 3DS system!

The Brew
     Upon checking’s “used” 3DS selection, it appears used 3DS systems are selling for around $125 right now. I don’t know what percentage Amazon gets of that, but getting over $100 for the original system seems like a pretty good deal.
     What about the easiest, and most likely way, that most 3DS owners would get rid of the original system though? What is the original 3DS system’s current trade-in value? Let’s take a look at the internet’s largest online retailer’s,, trade-in value, and let’s take a look at what Game Stop is currently offering for the 3DS’ trade-in credit.

     So, as the image above shows you, offers different 3DS trade-in values, depending not just on the condition of the system, but also on the color of the 3DS. The Aqua Blue 3DS system currently has the highest trade-in value for average, or “Good”, condition, being $85.00. The Cosmo Black and Flame Red systems will both net you a $74.00 credit.

     Game Stop is offering $55 as trade-in credit for the original 3DS systems, according to my local store today, but that’s not all! Game Stop is currently running a special trade-in offer, a 25% hardware trade bonus on 3DS systems until July 15th. With the extra 25% trade bonus, Game Stop’s trade-in credit goes from $55 up to $68.75 on original 3DS systems. Make sure to check with your local Game Stop though, to make sure the trade-in credit doesn’t drastically change before July 15th.

     If you own the original 3DS system, does the new 3DS XL system have you interested, angry, or indifferent?
     If you are interested in the new 3DS XL, and own the original 3DS, do you think you will keep the original system and purchase the XL, or will you trade-in the original 3DS to help pay for the newer model?