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Coffee Bean Counting: Which launch Wii U Ubisoft game(s) are you interested in?

November 8, 2012

Coffee Beans
Which Wii U third party publisher will have the most games when the system launches on November 18th? From my count, Ubisoft. As of now, Ubisoft will have six games available to purchase when the Wii U releases, with a few more games being published for the system before the end of March 2013.

The last Coffee Bean Counting poll ended last week, and which Ubisoft Wii U launch title had the most votes? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look!

The Brew
This Coffee Bean Counting poll ran from October 23, 2012 through October 30, 2012. The poll question, games to choose, and results can be seen below.

Which launch Wii U Ubisoft game(s) are you interested in?
Assassin’s Creed III                               17.65%    (15 votes)
ESPN Sports Connection                        1.18%      (1 votes)
Just Dance 4                                         37.65%    (32 votes)
Rabbids LAND                                       8.24%      (7 votes)
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013           2.35%      (2 votes)
ZombiU                                                 33%        (28 votes)

If you like charts, bar or pie, you can see the results in chart form below:

Caffeinated Thoughts
So, the results might have been slightly skewed, because the Just Dance series has a large following and my “What is the most played Just Dance Wii game?” post made its way to the Just Dance Facebook page, and I noticed shortly thereafter the poll had increased greatly on that game. While Just Dance 4 definitely got many votes after the post hit the Facebook page, ZombiU kept chomping at its heels and I thought toward the end that it might overtake it…perhaps if I had left the poll running through Halloween!

What launch Wii U Ubisoft games am I interested in, and did I vote for? I voted for Assassin’s Creed III, Just Dance 4, Rabbids LAND, and ZombiU.

I played and beat the original Assassin’s Creed, but haven’t played the series since that game, and the setting and time-frame for Assassin’s Creed III has me interested in the game. I have never played a Just Dance game, but seeing how Just Dance 4 on the Wii U uses the GamePad for certain modes I think could be a lot of fun for the non-gamers, and I like the fact you can stream the game to the Wii U GamePad as well. Rabbids LAND has me very interested, because of Ubisoft’s history of Rabbid games on the Wii, and I think Rabbids LAND could be the best “party game” for the Wii U’s launch, and maybe even a while after. I think ZombiU looks like it is making great use of the Wii U GamePad for different gameplay elements, and I’m really looking forward to playing the game.

As for ESPN Sports Connection, I have watched the trailer for it a few times, and it may be a game that I understand (and enjoy) a bit more if I have hands-on time with it, but there are a few elements that I didn’t quite understand what they were trying to show in the trailer, such as the use of the GamePad as a golf caddy and the drawing on the GamePad in the football game. While I understand how drawing on the GamePad in the football game can make sense, I’m not exactly certain how the football game in it will play out. I may have to try and rent this over a weekend, and see if perhaps Bean 1 and the rest of us can enjoy some of the games together.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 might be a game I should have voted for, especially if I eat a lot over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays! I haven’t exercised on a regular basis in a long time, even with Wii Fit in the house, so I’m not sure if a game will properly motivate me right now for it; but I am glad to see this type of game getting released and I do hope those that buy it get great use out of it, and potentially develop a healthy lifestyle with it.

Which launch Wii U Ubisoft game(s) are you interested in?

Are there any Ubisoft Wii U games that have been announced, such as Rayman Legends, but won’t be ready at launch that you are interested in; or even other Ubisoft games you would like to see make it to the Wii U?

You can see and pre-order the Ubisoft Wii U launch titles on below:

Coffee Bean Counting: Which Wii U digital title(s) are you interested in?

October 13, 2012

Coffee Beans
Another Coffee Bean Counting poll was posted last week, and has now closed. While Nintendo has shown and detailed many of the Wii U’s retail games, and we know the MSRPs on most of them, there isn’t a lot of information on the Wii U’s digital titles. We don’t know specific release dates for any of them yet, though some developers have said launch day is what they’re trying for; and more importantly (to me anyway) we don’t know the prices of the Wii U’s digital titles yet.

Hopefully, Nintendo will be answering here soon exactly what digital titles will be available to purchase when the Wii U launches on November 18th here in the U.S., and what prices new Wii U owners can expect to pay for the games. Knowing what the Wii U digital titles will cost me, will probably effect my buying decisions with other Wii U accessories, and even other Wii U retail games.

So, which Wii U digital game had the most votes in the poll that started last week, and which titles did I select? Brew yourself some coffee, and take a look!

The Brew
The poll ran from Wednesday, October 3, 2012 through Wednesday, October 10, 2012. The poll question and available answers to select from can be seen below (also in the main Wii U GamePad image above).

Which Wii U digital title(s) are you interested in?
Little Inferno                                                  15.79%  (6 votes)
Mutant Mudds                                                  7.89%  (3 votes)
Nano Assault Neo                                          15.79%  (6 votes)
Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien          13.16%  (5 votes)
Toki Tori 2                                                     13.16%  (5 votes)
Trine 2: Director’s Cut                                   34.21%  (13 votes)

How about some awesome charts? Well, PollDaddy even provided charts for the results, so I don’t have to plug the results into any spreadsheet program. You can see them below:

Caffeinated Thoughts
I was surprised by the results. I had never heard of Trine 2 that I can recall, until I saw it at E3 this year. I wasn’t sure how popular the Trine games were, so I wasn’t expecting it to place first in the poll. What Wii U digital game(s) were on my short list of placing first?

I thought Little Inferno, Mutant Mudds, or Runner2 would get the most votes. The reason I thought this is because Little Inferno is being developed by Tomorrow Corporation, which consists of the guys behind World of Goo. I thought Mutant Mudds would be higher due to Renegade Kid’s solid support of the Nintendo DS and 3DS, and the fact that Mutant Mudds is a solid, if challenging, platforming title. As for Runner2, it is being developed as a sequel to BIT.TRIP RUNNER and by the same team, so I thought perhaps it might get more votes as well.

So, I was basically thinking that games from developers that have a history of working with Nintendo were going to do well. Again, I just didn’t expect the one game I hadn’t heard of before E3, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, from a developer I didn’t  really know, Frozenbyte, to do so well; but that’s not a bad thing!

As for which Wii U digital titles I voted for, I selected all of them. Yes, you could do that! It was an honest vote though, as I really think the Wii U digital titles we know about right now, all seem to provide something different from the others (at least from what I can tell), which I think is awesome.

Which Wii U digital title(s) are you interested in?

Are there any Wii U digital titles that have been announced, that perhaps I didn’t include in the poll, that you are really interested in?

Coffee Bean Counting: Are you planning to buy a Wii U day one?

September 22, 2012

Coffee Beans
The latest Coffee Bean Counting Poll closed Thursday, one week after the Nintendo Wii U preview events around the world. I tried to keep the question and answers pretty simple, but I was curious how the poll would end up since I get traffic here from a variety of sources, and I haven’t done polls very often on the site.

If you have read some of the comments here or on other sites since the Wii U preview event last week, you may know that I have pre-ordered (reserved) a Wii U console, but I haven’t clarified which one I went with yet. Did I choose to go with the Wii U Basic Set, or the Wii U Deluxe Set? Also, what were the poll results? Brew yourself some coffee, and let’s take a look at the poll results!

The Brew
First, if you find this post closer to the Wii U’s launch (or after), the poll ran from Thursday, September 13, 2012 through Thursday, September 20, 2012. You can see the poll question underlined and in bold below, as well as the three answers to choose from I provided, with the answer that had the most votes in bold as well.

Are you planning to buy a Wii U day one?
Yes!     21 (67%)
No!        9  (29%)
Maybe.  1  (3%)

Caffeinated Thoughts
The largest vote total was “Yes!” with 21 votes, which was 67% of the total votes.

Now, I chose “Yes!” myself, and as I mentioned in the “Coffee Beans” section I did pre-order a Wii U console. As a matter of fact, I was on the phone with one GameStop store within minutes of the Wii U conference ending, but was informed they weren’t taking Wii U reservations yet. About 15 minutes later I received a call from that GameStop store (was on a “call list” there), letting me know they had just opened up the pre-orders on Wii U systems.

I grabbed my car keys, hopped in my car, and sped up to the GameStop closest to our house; only 3 minutes away! If you saw a pillar of smoke rising from the East last Thursday, around 11:30AM EST, that was probably smoke my tires (or engine!) on my way to GameStop.

When I walked in the store I asked the employee, “Are you taking reservations on the Wii U?“, and after the shocked look left his face he replied, “Yes. Did you call earlier?” He literally had just finished printing the Wii U information papers off the printer, and was looking over the information.

I made the choice of reserving the Black Wii U Deluxe Set, and being that I’m a member of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program, I was able to reserve the system for just $25, instead of their standard $50.

The proof

As of now, I’m planning to buy the Black Wii U Deluxe Set day one, November 18, 2012 here in the US. The one thing that could significantly change my decision is if Nintendo fails to address their online service(s), before launch, because we really haven’t heard anything about it. I don’t want a repeat of the Wii with having initial launch games (see: Black Ops 2), not having online multiplayer options available, because Nintendo doesn’t have the service/servers ready.

Alright now, which one did you vote for? 

If you voted “Yes!”, which Wii U console bundle did you reserve? If you voted “Maybe.”, or perhaps didn’t vote in the poll, which Wii U console bundle are you most interested in?

Did You Board the Nintendo 3DS XL Hype Train?

August 22, 2012
Do you have any games you bring with you on the “hype train”?

Coffee Beans

Nintendo just released their new 3DS XL model in the United States this past Sunday, August 19. If you don’t know, the Nintendo 3DS XL has 90 percent larger screens than the original Nintendo 3DS system (which released last year), as well as longer battery life.

The new 3DS XL model has a retail price of $199.99, and is available in Red or Blue, and comes bundled with a 4GB SD card. Not only did Nintendo release the new 3DS XL on Sunday to entice gamers to stores, but they also released a new Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. 2, on Sunday for the 3DS system as well.
Last year after the 3DS released I did a poll that asked, “Did you board the 3DS hype train?” and you can see that poll and post HERE. Last week, I posted up a new poll that simply asked, “Are you buying a Nintendo 3DS XL?”. The poll has ended, but what were the results (and can you guess which one I voted for)? Take a look!

The Brew
Are you buying a Nintendo 3DS XL?
Day one!                                                                                         3 (17%)
Trading my current 3DS, for the 3DS XL model.                                 1 (5%)
Keeping my original 3DS, AND buying the new 3DS XL day one.         1 (5%)
Maybe, not sure.                                                                             3 (17%)
Sticking with the original.                                                             7 (41%)
No, and I don’t own any 3DS yet.                                                      1 (5%)
Does it have two Circle Pads?                                                          1 (5%)
Did somebody say iPad?                                                                 0 (0%)
PS Vita!                                                                                         0 (0%)
Caffeinated Thoughts/Questions
First, feel free to share how you voted in the comments below. I found the results interesting for the poll being up only a week, and considering that I rarely post polls I was glad to see it get a decent number of votes. The largest vote total is in bold above, “Sticking with the original.”, with 7 votes, or 41% of the total votes.

Which one did I vote for? See the first comment below in the comment section to find out! If you were one of the three that voted “Day one!”, or perhaps you missed the poll and didn’t vote but have purchased the 3DS XL, do you think the new system is worth the asking price of $199.99? If you didn’t get the 3DS XL yet, and own the original, have you taken a look at any of the current trade-in promotions for the new system and thought about taking advantage of those?

Also, if any of you purchased New Super Mario Bros. 2 and have had a chance to play it, what do you think of the game from what you have played? Good, or bad?

>Did You Board the Nintendo 3DS Hype Train?

March 30, 2011


Our son, since he can’t use a 3DS, volunteered to drive the hype train.

Coffee Beans:
     When Game Stop started taking pre-orders for the 3DS back in December, I made a quick trip down to the store closest to my house on December 27, and put $50 down to reserve it.
     Just today, I went back by that store and canceled my Nintendo 3DS pre-order.

Reserve receipt on left, 12/27/10; cancel receipt on right, 3/29/11…same associate both times.

     Now, why did I cancel my 3DS pre-order?  Well, there are few reasons, and here they are:

     1)  Not super interested in any of the release titles.
     2)  School is now registering for Summer/Fall classes…which means MORE money for school.
     3)  The reports of the annoying 3DS black screen of death that are going around.
     4)  No Netflix or online shop channel, or web browser…yet.

Filtered Thoughts:
     While I have stated before I wasn’t really interested in any of the release titles, the AR cards/games are still what I want to check out the most.
     Saturday night, technically Sunday morning, I was chatting with Keith from, and he had just picked up a 3DS from a midnight release at GameStop.  It was between the time that he picked it up, and later when he was talking about it, that I saw the first reports about the 3DS’ black screen of “death”.  While I know the issue isn’t “killing” the systems, I do think it’s really odd for it to be happening, and it appears to be annoying for some new 3DS owners.
     On Monday(yesterday), my college started doing early registration for Summer/Fall classes, and it looks like I’m going to be piling on the hours during at least the Fall semester.  More hours = more money.
     The lack of Netflix isn’t a big issue, but more of a feature that I’m looking forward to the system getting.  The lack of an online shop channel and web browser though, is really kind of a bummer right now, because once a browser is functional, hopefully I won’t need to carry around my iPod Touch anymore…though I think it’s going to be interesting to see how functional the 3DS browser really is.

     I’m hoping in the next few weeks, that Nintendo figures out what exactly is causing the “black screen of death”, and they can fix it with a firmware update quickly.  I’ll be watching for any news on it, as that may be a determining factor for me moving forward.
     Anyway, here are a few links to 3DS impressions, from people that purchased the system, and didn’t have it “gifted” to them by Nintendo…at least that I know of:
     Keith – Nintendo 3DS Unboxing, First Impressions, SSFIV 3D Quick Look
     Tony – My First Day With the 3DS
     Gaz – Day One in the Life of a 3DS Owner
     The Dread Pirate Guy – 3DS Impressions – Day 1

     If you didn’t get to demo the 3DS before it released, and you purchased it, what are your impressions of it?  Is it worth the $250 ticket price to get on board?

Did you board the 3DS hype train?customer surveys

If you’re interested in the Nintendo 3DS, but haven’t purchased it yet, you can see prices for it on linked below:

>Coffee with Games – Site Notes & Feedback

January 19, 2011


Coffee Beans:
     Site notes!  I don’t do these often, but here’s a few quick notes of things on the site that maybe have changed, or been added, and perhaps you didn’t notice!

     If any of you are ever out and about, perhaps at a coffee shop drinking coffee, and you think “Hmmm, I wonder what new posts are on Coffee with Games?”(I’m sure this happens every day…right?!) and you decide to pop over to Coffee with Games and see what’s happening; if you’re using a mobile device such as an iPod Touch or iPhone, you may notice the site now loads a “mobile” version automatically.
     The mobile version has faster load times for mobile devices, but also gives you the option to view the regular web version of Coffee with Games by scrolling down and clicking “View web version“.  I think it’s a pretty cool feature, and it didn’t require anything other than clicking a button to make sure it was activated!  If you have been using the “mobile” version, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

     Also, I have updated the top “Tabs” bar, and you can visit each tab by clicking them below:

  • Contact Me – the tab where my email address, and video game system codes and friend codes are listed.  If you play online, this is where to find what Wii games I have that I can play online, and my friend code for each game.
  • Home – Click this tab if you get lost in the darkness of the data posts, and it will redirect you to the home page for Coffee with Games.
  • Reader PointsThe reader points is where I show how active users are, and convert your activity into “Reader Points”.  I am working on a rewards system of sorts, and hopefully that will be finished in the next 3 weeks.
  • Game-Play Videos – If you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel, this is the tab where you can see some of my game-play videos
  • Reviews and More – A tab that contains links to my only two reviews, as well as my interviews and previews
  • Featured On – This tab shows other sites that have mentioned or posted some of my stories.  If you see my stories on other sites, let me know and I’ll update this tab!
  • Game Deals! – This tab is where I have a handful of game deals listed and linked…it may be going the way of the dodo bird, and I may resort to just posting them as I once was.
     Also, I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I started writing on another video game site last year,  I have helped by posting random Nintendo news on the site, since I don’t really do any reposted news pieces on Coffee with Games, unless it’s mentioned in a data story of some sort.  I posted up the new Conduit 2 “Weapons Trailer” over there earlier today.
     Just today, I had a column posted on, and if everything works out, I should be doing a bi-weekly column over there.  The column is titled “Gaming By The Numbers” and if you’re familiar with my data stories here, you should find yourself right at home reading them there.
     I have both and, with several other fine sites, in my “Coffee’s Connections” box in the right side-bar towards the bottom if you ever want to see what they’re posting.

     I want to hear from you.  I do a lot of data stories, and they keep me pretty busy with editing pictures for the top banners now, and just recording the footage of the data in general.
     I haven’t done but two full “reviews” on the site, but I did many more “previews” of games in the last few months…which I kind of used as a way of taking the place of reviews.
     I have a few opinion pieces in the works, and a few video projects as well, but I want to know what you would like to see more of on the site.  Reviews?  Previews?  Interviews?  Game-play videos?  I have a poll that you can vote on here, and if you don’t see your option, leave a comment letting me know.
     If there is one thing that was added on a regular basis, what would you like to see more often?

What features would you like to see more of on Coffee with Games?online survey

     Thanks for your time, and I look forward to the feedback!  We’ll take a look at the poll results in about a week!

Coffee with Games Poll Participation

April 7, 2010

Hey everybody,

I hope that everybody is having a great week so far.
I’m really grateful for all of the followers I’ve gained, and the many comments and discussions that have taken place on the different posts.
I just put up a poll, on the top right of the blog.  Look right ———->
Here’s a picture of it(just a picture, not the actual poll):
If you select, “other”, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or even send me an email at, with what you would like to see.
Thanks again to everybody for the participation.  I hope that I can keep fresh content coming weekly, and that you all enjoy what you read here!  I’m always open for suggestions and feedback, and I thank those of you that have even emailed me some “tips” already!
Scott Mullins
aka CoffeewithGames or CoffeewithChess

>Coffee with Games Poll Participation

April 7, 2010

>Hey everybody,

I hope that everybody is having a great week so far.
I’m really grateful for all of the followers I’ve gained, and the many comments and discussions that have taken place on the different posts.
I just put up a poll, on the top right of the blog.  Look right ———->
Here’s a picture of it(just a picture, not the actual poll):
If you select, “other”, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or even send me an email at, with what you would like to see.
Thanks again to everybody for the participation.  I hope that I can keep fresh content coming weekly, and that you all enjoy what you read here!  I’m always open for suggestions and feedback, and I thank those of you that have even emailed me some “tips” already!
Scott Mullins
aka CoffeewithGames or CoffeewithChess