The "Free Games Giveaway" winner is…

Coffee Beans
Last Saturday, I posted up the “Free Games Giveaway! Connect With Coffeepost. It contained details of how to enter a contest/giveaway for the PC games BIT.TRIP BEAT, Fieldrunners, SpaceChem, and Uplink. The contest/giveaway ended Thursday, and the picture above shows that I did the drawing for the winner as I have done in past contests. Empty coffee container, drop the names in it, shake it up, pull one out. The coffee container used for the drawing was a 33 oz. Maxwell House Gourmet Roast container that “MAKES UP TO 270 6 FL OZ CUPS” of coffee.

Who was the winner of the games? Jump past the break below to find out!

Caffeinated Thoughts
Thanks to everybody that entered the contest/giveaway. I laughed when I drew Robert’s name out of the coffee container, because if you don’t know, Robert has his own video game site titled IncompleteGaming. I thought it was funny he was the one that won the four games, helping him keep his site name legitimate!

If you missed the contest/giveaway post, you can see the original post HERE. Not only did the original post provide three ways to get entered into it, but with the additional data reports over the last week I provided an extra nine possible chances to be entered into the contest/giveaway, for a total of 12 possible entries.

Congratulations to Robert on winning the contest/giveaway!


7 Responses to “The "Free Games Giveaway" winner is…”

  1. Robert Says:

    Crazy Caffeine, I can't believe I won!! Thanks for feeding my incomplete addiction of more games and keeping things legit. I'm going to need to learn more about some of the games, but I'm very excited for EDGE. I have it downloaded to Steam and it might actually be one I complete. :)I also asked Two Tribes on twitter if there was a possibility of seeing EDGE on 3DS at some point and got back 'definitely'. FWIW it probably won't happen in the near future, but that would be cool and if they do the 3D well it could really add to the game's experience.

  2. coffeewithgames Says:

    "…I'm very excited for EDGE. I have it downloaded to Steam and it might actually be one I complete. :)"WHOA, whoa whoa! STOP the presses! EDGE was included? How many games did you get, 5 total? I knew there were 4 included, didn't realize "EDGE" was one of them as well…Did they throw in anything else? Or, was it just 5 games total?

  3. Robert Says:

    Oh no, I think it was 9 games. You must have paid over the average so it included the standard 4 and unlocked Spirits, WoG, Osmos, Anomaly and EDGE.Come to think of it I should have opened a contest of my own and given the steam keys for the first four away.. doh!

  4. Stevo Says:

    Congrats, @idxman01:disqus. You certainly deserve to win.Yeah, I'm totally jealous!

  5. Robert Says:

    Thanks Stevo, I hope to get some good mileage from these!

  6. Chalgyr Says:

    Yay for Robert! Though… how long to complete the game he wins? 🙂

  7. Mini Fortress Says:

    Nice! Congrats, some serious gaming to be done here!

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