Our Son’s Nintendo Themed Birthday

My wife and I celebrated our son’s first birthday this past Saturday.
I am a huge Star Wars fan, and my wife also enjoys Star Wars.
I assumed that our son’s first birthday party would be a Star Wars themed birthday.  Then, towards the end of February or beginning of March, my wife suggested we have a Nintendo themed birthday party instead.

So, we started planning for a Nintendo themed party!

Take a look at some pictures, of my personal favorite, the cake/cupcakes that Mrs. CoffeewithGames(my wife) made for our son’s party!

Icing the 1up Mushroom birthday cake
Eyes added
The 1up cake, now joined by Super Mushroom cupcakes, and decorated with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, a Bob-omb, a Bullet Bill, and a Winged Goomba, from this view.
The back of the 1up Mushroom cake, with a star hidden, almost like in Super Mario Galaxy!
Nintendo themed plates and napkins
We had a lot of fun trying to think of things for our son’s party, and my wife had a lot of fun making the 1Up Mushroom birthday cake, as well as the Super Mushroom cupcakes.
The cake and cupcakes were(and are) delicious.
I will try to post more pictures of other decorations from the party, later this week!
I’m not a cook.  If it can’t be poured into a bowl and milk added to it, or heated in the microwave, more than likely, I won’t attempt to make it(pancakes are the exception).
If you cook, have you ever attempted to cook anything Nintendo or gaming related?  If so, was the final outcome of the food design, how you thought it would be?

8 Responses to “Our Son’s Nintendo Themed Birthday”

  1. ArakniD Says:

    Wow buddy!This was epic! Be my parent! LOL!

  2. keith Says:

    Wow dude, very nice indeed. Question, how did you cut the 1-up cake thought? Green part first?

  3. Jonath Says:

    That's pretty cool. I've never cooked anything Mario or videogame related. If they still made the Mario themed Kraft Dinner, my answer would be different though. Best Kraft Dinner Ever!

  4. Nicodemus at Nite Says:

    My wife gave your wife compliments on the cake last night.

  5. coffeewithgames Says:

    @ArakniD:LOL! I'm glad you liked it!@keith:Yea, I actually have a picture of it being cut. I'll post it up later this week.@Jonath:Is the Mario themed Kraft Dinner microwavable? If so, I could add it to my list of cooked foods!@Nicodemus at Nite:I'll let my wife know!I'm glad you all enjoyed the post, thank you very much for the comments!

  6. Jonath Says:

    Unfortunately I'm pretty sure they stopped making it years before they introduced the microwavable version.On the back of the box, there was an image of a game asset and on the inside there was a tip for the game. I believe I still have one or two of them somewhere.

  7. cheat-master30 Says:

    That is a really nice set of ideas for the Mario themed party… I especially liked the small figures and the star hidden on the back of the Mushroom cake.Oh, and those cakes must have tasted fantastic!

  8. coffeewithgames Says:

    @Jonath:I did google for it, but didn't find any results; though I may not have entered the correct terms.@cheat-master30:Thank you for the compliments on the cakes.The cake and cupcakes were delicious!I've asked my wife, if she would be interested in making a "How to" article on making the cake for other parents that may be interested.

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